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Alang ship recycling now may get stiff competition from South Africa also


Alang ship recycling industry holding major stack in the entire world of ship demolition. Near competitors of Alang are Bangladesh and Pakistan. Somewhere Turkey is also a playing role to stage their existence at ship recycling business.

But now South Africa is ready to determine European ship recycling regulation approved ship recycling facilities. Since year 2011, South Africa is trying to line ship recycling facilities looking ahead vast opportunities of business ahead.

With tiny regulations of environment, Bangladesh and Pakistan cutting ship rapidly. Whereas India has some stipulated regulations at environment, hence they need to obey rules, and that they work systematically as compared to both neighbouring countries. Most of the India’s Alang ship recycling yards are compliant with the Hong Kong Convention on ship breaking (HKC).

Albeit HKC accepted at Alang, ship recyclers yet to urge EU certification, European Union ship recycling regulation (EUSRR), which are mandatory for European flagged ships to recycle. EUSRR requirements still making hurdles to Alang’s ship recyclers, as there have been lacking of trauma hospital in Alang. During recent past, European courts have created the chances of legal penalties for European ship owners, who sell end of life ships to overseas end buyers without ensuring EUSRR.

Somewhere Turkey has adopted EUSRR, hence they’re getting adequate numbers of European flagged ships. EUSRR based ship recycling may rattle down Red carpet for brand spanking new ship recycling facilities in other countries. Apart from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan now South African business leaders ready to determine ship recycling facilities and can be named 34South.

Ship recycling site would be located along South Africa’s West Coast in Sandanha Bay Industrial Zone. Ultra-modern facilities at South Africa will lift end of life ships from sea water to stay away containment during ship scrapping activities. These lift of ship customs can accommodate number of ships at a time which can reduce their cutting cost also.

A planned ship recycling facility located along the West Coast of South Africa intends to satisfy all the wants stipulated by the EU commission. Once approved, this facility mentioned as 34South, will function the first Green, Compliant Ship Recycling Facility in Africa, making South Africa amongst the first non-OECD countries that are ready to accept these end-of-life vessels.

As more regions just like the EU are moving towards more stringent regulations to curb poor recycling practices, the 34South facility will function an “EU equivalent” ship recycling facility at the Southern tip of Africa. Because the EU SRR requires all large commercial seagoing vessels flying an EU member state flag to be recycled in an approved facility, the 34South facility are going to be ready to accommodate EU flagged and EU owned end-of-life vessels.


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