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Circumstances in the Alang Yard for 12 cruise ships to demolish in 2 months


Ship recyclers adopt ‘Wait and See’ policy


The world’s recession is a boom for the Alang shipbreaking yard, an unwritten rule of economics has already been established.

Since the corona has closed down cruise ship businesses since last March, and their owners are being brought into financial crisis, most cruise ships are coming to the international market for a break.

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In the next two months, 12 passenger ships are in the shape of a collapse. Marc Glovasky, a cruise line associate, said during a Twitter conversation that 15 passenger ships in Turkey have already been destroyed, recently sold to the ship.

But there is no new capacity left for the next 3 months. Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, on the other hand, have the largest shipbreaking business in South Asia. Of these, Pakistan and Bangladesh are less interested in the collapse of passenger ships.

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In comparison, passenger ships have come to the market in India’s Alang Shipbreaking Yard for sale. Alang’s shipbreakers adopt a wait and see policy Have been.

According to leading shipbreaker Hareshbhai Parmar, the price for the passenger ship is still $20-50 higher than our calculations. While such ships are less likely to be produced in Pakistan and Bangladesh, turkey has less capacity, so they have options except for Alang it’s less.

The owners of the passenger cruise ship are no longer able to keep the ship. Cruise lines have been closed for the last nine months, traffic restrictions are restricted in most countries, passengers are in a state of chaos, so the cruise business has been suspended.

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Even in the midst of the closed business, the owners are no longer able to afford the expenses including the salaries of the crew members of the cruise ship, maintenance costs of ships, port charges of the port that are kept at the port.

Ship recycling industries in Pakistan and Bangladesh does not prefer to demolish passenger ships, they opt cargo vessel, container, tanker and such as.

Grand Celebration to arrive in January: Luxury Cruise Grand Celebration, which is the leading passenger ship, has been sold in Alang to break the mark and has already made its final voyage. In January-2021, 1496 passenger capacity, 670 crew capacity, 223 m long, 28 m wide ship Corona had been in financial trouble. Another passenger cruise has been sold to the wrecked dream Turkey.

Alang is considered the ideal destination for passenger ships: According to Jitubhai Kamdar, who is involved in the shipbreaking business, passenger ships mainly carry cabins, crockery, electronic items, under-sheets, sheets, furniture, showpiece, decorative items, gym equipment. There is no retail market for all these items in Pakistan and Bangladesh, whereas in Alang, more than 600 such items are sold in showrooms and the retail market is also getting a good response.

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