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Home Ship Market Following 512 days, first VLCC ship sold for scrapping

Following 512 days, first VLCC ship sold for scrapping


Since the pandemic ship owners could not balance their two ends of income and expenditure, as almost for 4 months all the activities around the glob stopped, hence shipping industry badly affected.

The principal VLCC, the previous Zoya 1, a very nearly 25-year-old 300,500 DWT unrefined petroleum big tanker, has now been sold for scrap breaking a streak that kept going 512 days as indicated by BIMCO. The last VLCC to be obliterated was the 300,361 DWT Watban which was scrapped in Bangladesh in June 2019.

It had been almost year and a half since a VLCC was sold for scrap and regardless of expectations that proprietors were getting ready to discard more established weight, it was the fourth-longest dash of zero VLCC tear-downs in history as per the delivery affiliation Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO).

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With no continued recuperation in the oil markets and big tanker rates, there have been estimating that it could prompt the principal huge winnowing for the area and explicitly VLCCs in a drawn-out period.

The conditions of this deal, in any case, keep on giving the motivation to question that the shipowners will race to discard weight. The Zoya 1, as of late renamed Sam, endured a fire, unfortunately, slaughtering a few team individuals while going through upkeep last January. Already, the boat had gone through quite a long while at safe haven as drifting stockpiling in United Arab Emirates waters.

Presently that the main VLCC has been offered to be demolished, BIMCO questions whether it was erratic, or whether it has opened the conduits. The hypothesis is whether more proprietors will decide to crush their more established weight, as a re-visitation of productive rates isn’t right now not too far off. Likewise adding to this are reports that piece costs have started to rise particularly in Asia.

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Further, since the last VLCC was crushed, BIMCO features 42 have been conveyed. The new vessels added 12.8 million DWT to the joined VLCC armada. All out limit, as per BIMCO, presently remains at 255.3 million DWT.

“The age and exchanging example of the boat the previous few years made the Zoya 1 a prime possibility for destruction, however, there are a lot of different competitors that could follow,” says BIMCO’s shipping wing sources.

World’s front liner cash buyer of ships predicts that it can count ships for scrapping wave may start now, as most of the fleet owners could not bear the expenditures. Source of income almost closed and recurring expenses they could not stop. Hence, they have only option to send them for demolition.

BIMCO sources revealed that “These ships may have been kept dynamic when they discovered work at productive rates, either for dynamic exchanging or drifting stockpiling, however with the helpless viewpoint, there appears to be the minimal impetus to keep these boats cruising once their agreements terminate.”

South Asian countries are eagerly waiting for some reduction of rates for demolition vessels, as a comparison to a bunch of ships may available in the market. Pakistan and Bangladesh ship recyclers mainly prefer to scrap tanker, bulker, container ships, as Indian ship recyclers have some more option.


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