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Ghogha-Hazira Ferry: during 19 days 15823 Pax, 2648 Car, 1083 Two-wheelers, 197 Trucks traveled in sea route voyaging


Visionary Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Minister of Ports Mansukh Mandaviya are doing great to improve waterways transportation. Continually they are excelling in the Port areas of India.

As of late began Ghogha-Hazira Ro-Pax ship administration during 19 days on November got an overpowering reaction from travelers and carriers.

During 19 days of November, 15823 Pax, 2648 Car, 1083 Two-wheelers, 197 Trucks delighted in sea route voyaging.

The ship is running on scheduled timings, travelers, carriers of Saurashtra and South Gujarat currently redirecting towards the sea route.

An inhabitant of Nonghanvadar town of Palitana said that “ship among Ghogha and Hazira is very helpful to us, as our local spot is in Bhavnagar region and our business set-up are in Surat. Prior to we cost almost 5000 Rupees and 10 hours to arrive at our local home, presently we are paying 2000 Rupees and it takes just 5 hours to arrive at our home from Surat.”

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Pravin Patel, a resident of Varasada (Amreli) said that “why the Government of Gujarat not selected to run ship among Ghogha and Hazira from starting? They have squandered crores of rupees for Dahej, which they have dropped later.”

“Route of Ghogha-Hazira is very fruitful in beginning and administrators should carry more ships to run on this course.”

Everybody realizes the sea route of Ghogha-Hazira very acknowledged thinking about Bhavnagar, Amreli, and South Gujarat’s social and economic relations. Prior to they started ship among Ghogha and Dahej, which compelled to drop because of substantial silting at Dahej.

On other hand, from Dahej to Surat on road traffic it was taking 2 to 3 hours, which was very exhausting for travelers.

Eyebrows raised as Dahej was not an ideal spot for ship administration, at that point likewise why Government of Gujarat picked this spot and squandered 6000 million Rupees for making infrastructure, dredging? GoG will put a request for the wrong determination of Dahej’s place? Responsible officials would get punishment?

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PM of India Narendra Modi and Minister of Ports Mansukh Mandaviya are far visionary lawmakers, and to date, they are progressing nicely. After the extraordinary achievement of Ghogha-Hazira Ro-Pax ship administration, it’s an ideal opportunity to think about different routes also. Ghogha-Hazira-Pipavav-Mumbai course likewise can be considered for Ro-Pax administrations, as foundations are now there, and with few adjustments, Pipavav and Mumbai can without much of a stretch handle Ro-Pax ship traffic too.

Cement Industries in Amreli District can be profited if the Hazira-Pipavav route started, as buyers in South Gujarat need to depend on on-road transportation.

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As per Kirit Soni, the leader of Saurashtra Chamber of Commerce, “ship among Ghogha and Hazira till date is very effective and individuals of the two finishes getting advantages of sparing of time and fuel, cost.”

After the disappointment in the Ghogha-Dahej route, the Union government grabbed the project from the state government and gave over to Dindayal Port Trust (DPT) Kandla.

With tremendous endeavors and visionary, all around experienced officials have set down the pontoon, linkspan, transitory terminal, dolphin structure at Hazira inside 3 months of time. Presently ship runs on this route effectively, as the water level at the two closures of Ghogha and Hazira are adequate for the ship’s necessity.

Presently, it’s the obligation of DPT also to keep up water level at Ghogha and Hazira. Dredging should complete routinely.


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