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INS Viraat: After beaching also ship in action, huge numbers of tourists arriving at Alang to catch a selfie


Historic carrier INS Viraat after beaching also attracting people to catch a minimum of one selfie together with her. Daily in huge numbers visitors arriving at Alang, but they need to back without fulfilling their wish, as Viraat still 1000 ft (0.3 km) far away from shore.

Talking with Shri Ram group chairman Mukesh Patel said that “Viraat was beached at plot no.9 of Alang ship breaking yard on 28th September, then period still an enormous number of tourists daily coming at Alang to catch Viraat privately.”

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He added that “craze of historic aircraft career remains same, many of us from hundreds of kilometres away coming to Alang to possess a selfie with Viraat.” But, Viraat remains 1000 ft (0.3 km) far away from shore.

After Diwali festivals, during high water, winches allocated at plot no.9 and roped Viraat will pull nearer to plot. It can take 15 days more than government procedures will happen, then end buyers of Viraat can start demolishing the vessel.

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Avinash Prajapati, the resident of outskirts of Ahmedabad, came at Alang to possess a selfie with Viraat, but his 400 km journey went vainly. He said that “Viraat may be a historic aircraft career, and that we have read tons of thing about her participation in Indian Navy, now she is at Alang, hence I’m wanting to have a selfie together with her.”

Patel, plot no.9 holder said that “we cannot permit anyone to return inside the plot to possess a selfie, and Viraat is way far away from our plot, it’ll take time to the touch our plot.” Yes, its quite correct, daily in huge numbers visitors coming and approaching us.

Shivang Shah, student of Rajkot said that “my friend took many photos during arrival formalities of Viraat at Alang, he narrated about the ship, I even have searched on google the small print about Viraat, and now I’m really wanting to have a selfie with Viraat.” I don’t know when my wish can come true, daily I’m contacting my Bhavnagar based friends to offer me updates.

The longest-serving warship of the planet INS Viraat decommissioned from service in 2017, and therefore, the government sold her in a web auction. Alang based Shri Ram groups to has won the ship from a web auction and, Tug towed her to Alang. On 28th September Viraat beached at Alang, but she was away 3000 ft (0.91 km) from the plot.

After beaching, one Mumbai based marine company came ahead and said that they desire to get Viraat, and wanted to stay here at Goa as a museum. Marine company did not have necessary permissions from the government, and that they approached the court. The later court also said it’s up to the government to make a decision about permission.

At the time of beaching ceremony of Viraat at plot no.9 of Alang ship breaking yard, Union shipping minister Mansukh Mandaviya addressed that “government was able to convert Viraat into a museum with multi-million rupees expenses, but the ship’s hull couldn’t survive quite 10-15 year more.”


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