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Luxurious cruise Karnika will demolish at Alang


After an extended hiatus, the Luxurious Passenger cruise liner will reach Alang Shipbreaking Yard in May.

A letter of sale was officially allotted to London’s NKD Maritime Limited after the auction of Karnika, India’s largest and most luxurious passenger cruise liner, happened within the Mumbai supreme court, and Cash buyer paid US$ 1.65 million to the court.

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Cash Buyer negotiated to sell the ship to shipbreakers in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India. Out of this, but this ship has been purchased by Plot No. V-7 of Alang. The Karnika ship has state-of-the-art facilities for passengers and is extremely popular in cruise services.

The ship has been purchased by Alang Plot No. V-7 RK Industries LLP. And by the top of November, the ship is predicted to arrive in Alang. The Karnika Luxurious cruise liner, nicknamed the Floating Paradise, is owned by Jalesh Cruises Company, but it had been their address sell the bankrupt ship.

Earlier thanks to Covid-19, a number of passenger ships came forward for demolition, but most of their owners asking EU certification from end buyers, hence Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indian ship recyclers did not fulfil their requirements.

Bunch of cruise ships touched the bottom of Turkey ship breaking yards. Mukesh Patel, Chairman of Shri Ram group and end buyer of Karnika said that “NKD Maritime won the ship from auction through court, and that we as an end buyer will demolish the luxurious ship.”

1990 built Karnika has all the posh on board. She contains 430 passenger cabins, 162 balcony cabins, 8 restaurants, 2 swimming pools, 3 bar, 1 mini theatre, 2 aqua spas, poolside big screen, floor, night club, 2 jacuzzis, jogging track, deck chess, basketball, Ping-Pong, tennis, volleyball, lone ball etc.

The luxurious ship has 31064 LDT, she is 245-meter-long, and she or he has a width of 32 meters, and she or he contains 14 floors. Karnika was very famous to run between Mumbai and Dubai, all the luxuries allocated onboard, and passengers preferred this ship for his or her journey.

Alang ship breaking yard since many months doesn’t receive any ship, but its draught involves an end. Karnika will reach Alang by the top of November. Furniture and crockery vendor, Ghanshyambhai has their showroom just outside of ship breaking yard limit. He said that since many months not one notable ship came at Alang, hence our business also facing shortage of luxury goods.

According to Patel, 31064 LDT ship may take 8 months to finish off. By November end she is going to reach outer anchorage and necessary government procedures are going to be administered. Once the duty is going to be paid and every one department gives a green signal, the ship will touch the bottom of plot no. V-7 located at Alang ship recycling yards.

Many vendors eagerly expecting this ship, like furniture, crockery, and other materials will start to return in the market in 2021. During festival holidays, a number of tourists have rummaged surrounding markets of Alang, but couldn’t find proper furniture or crockery, now after two months, this market is going to be flooded with such sort of materials.

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