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More Ro-Pax ship will be added in ferry service: ISPL


Considering huge traffic, we are receiving from Ghogha Hazira Ro-Pax ferry service, we are seriously considering running more Ro-Pax ships between these areas said by CEO of Indigo Seaways Pvt. Ltd., The ferry is running on scheduled and passengers feeling luxury on the ship.

The Ro-Pax ferry service between Ghogha (Bhavnagar) and Hazira (Surat) is getting overwhelmed response from people of Saurashtra and South Gujarat.

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The road distance between Saurashtra and South Gujarat almost reduced up to 350 k.m. Surat and Saurashtra have direct connection socially and economically, hence a large number of people daily travelling between these two areas.


The Ro-Pax ferry service, which was launched between Ghogha and Hazira, is receiving a warm welcome from the entire Saurashtra community and the citizens of South Gujarat. Traffic on both sides was significant during the festivals.

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Saurashtra and South Gujarat have had a relative relationship from a professional and social point of view. Therefore, the daily movement of citizens of both these areas is a large number.

According to Harjibhai of Palitana Mokhada, we have settled in Surat for business but my homeland is located in Bhavnagar district and hence the movement is in the month. We had to go by bus, and it was a long time. But now that we have started a ferry service by waterway, we have increased the convenience.

Till now, the citizens of Saurashtra and South Gujarat had to resort to roadways to travel to each other’s own. But now, the citizens are giving priority to the availability of a ferry service by waterway.

During the festivals of Diwali, saurashtraites come from south Gujarat in large numbers to their homelands. This time, the citizens chose to transport the road instead of the road by ferry service.

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Kishorbhai Vasani is involved in construction in Surat and hails from Gariadhar taluka. According to him, I took my car and had sat in ferry service and had reached Ghogha within four hours as a scheduled time. There is a very comfortable and convenient journey and good facilities are also provided on the ship.

According to Indigo Seaways Pvt. Ltd., operator of Ro-Pax Ferry Service, we are considering another ship to operate on this route in the coming days, with the welcome of the ferry service. The ship is running on schedule and is being facilitated by the citizens of Saurashtra and South Gujarat.

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During Diwali festival times, Surat people, who have a native place in Bhavnagar and Amreli district, normally comes there for a mini-vacation. Most of them this time travelled by Ro-Pax ferry service.

Regular traffic of Trucks and Cars also slowly but surely coming via sea route. Nirmalsinh Gohil, a Transporter said that “our drivers are not getting rest for 4 hours during sea journey, fuel and toll tax can also prevent.” The ferry runs on schedule hence we can arrange onward travelling accordingly.

Most of the travellers opt to board the vessel with their own Car, two-wheeler. As it can use to another end during a city visit, they finish their work and come back via ferry.

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