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Mumbai-Bhavnagar will connect with the sea route: Union Minister of Ports-Shipping Mansukh Mandaviya

The shipbuilding unit of Bhavnagar, Alcock Ashdown will be re-floated soon

Mansukhbhai Mandavia, a minister in the Union Government, said that the Alcok Ashdown at Bhavnagar Old Port would be restarted in a year and a half.
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He added that the process of connecting Bhavnagar to Mumbai, Ratnagiri, and Coimbatore by waterway is in progress.
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A special interaction was organized by the Saurashtra Chamber of Commerce and Industries with Union Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways Mansukhbhai Mandavia, in which the Union Minister had open discussions on several projects on Bhavnagar.
Mandavia’s efforts to launch the Ghogha-Hazira Row-Pax ferry service have been successful, and they have added a new chapter of water transport. The ferry service has brought South Gujarat and Saurashtra closer and Bhavnagar has come to the center of these two centers.
Discussions were held on Bhavnagar port development, jetty repair, sweet industry, the twelfth port at Mithilavirdi, plastic park, etc.
Union Minister Mandavia described the Saurashtra Chamber of Commerce and Industries as the oldest and most prestigious Mahajan, saying that its function was positive.
Discussing the development of Bhavnagar, he said that efforts are on to resolve the road connectivity issue of Bhavnagar in the next two years. In addition, positive efforts are being made to initiate maritime connectivity from Bhavnagar to Mumbai, Mundra, Muldwara, Ratnagiri, and Cochin.
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The introduction of this route will significantly increase the quantity of coastal cargo. Cargo movement requires a container, and the use of containers is increasing in the country. The industry has good prospects for container construction in Bhavnagar district.
Besides building a large vehicle-wreck yard in Bhavnagar, the construction of private industrial settlements is also underway to make good use of the coastal land. The Union Minister had given a heart-thither to Bhavnagar’s Alcok Ashdown in one to one and a half years.
The Union Government has passed the Ship Recycling Bill and has given impetus to the development of Alang. Arrangements have already been made for more ships to be made available from international markets to the Alang. For ease of doing business for entrepreneurs, for ease of doing business, he said that if the industry itself gives the government a certificate on compliance with the rules, no department of the government will go there in person, working for ease of doing business.
The president of Saurashtra Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Kiritbhai Soni addressed that, as a Minister at Union Government Mansukhbhai Mandaviya is doing extremely well for the betterment of Bhavnagar. Ghogha-Hazira sea route connectivity is an example of it. He is doing well in several fields. Far visionary Mandaviya enhanced the shipping sector well after the independence of India.


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