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Ro-Pax ferry restarted: receiving an overwhelming response

India’s largest Ro-Pax ferry service between Ghogha and Hazira restarted, receiving overwhelming response from passengers.

On last Tuesday ferry ship Voyage Symphony got a minor technical problem, and after repairing operators opted to have a trial run before commercializing trip. They have satisfied with the working condition and then on Thursday restarted ferry.

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CEO of Indigo Seaways Pvt. Ltd., Capt DK Manral said that “on Friday 8 a.m. scheduled trip from Hazira departed with 410 passengers out of 500 capacity, 65 cars, 48 motorbikes included”. During the festival season we are taking extreme care of regularities.

Harjibhai, a diamond polisher in Surat and having native in Savarkundla of Amreli District said that “usually we are moving our native many times during a year, till date we have no option of road transportation, but now Ro-Pax ferry is availed hence we with our bike travelled in Ferry ship, departed at Ghogha, and now by road, we will reach our native place”. It’s really smooth operation.

Kishor Bhimani, an estate broker at Surat said that “we have our family home at Bhavnagar and started business in Surat. Every month with some work we have to come our home, but for that, we have to travel by road, and it normally takes 10 hours journey.”
But now on Friday with our car we have boarded Ro-Pax ship, seated comfortably in economy class and reached Ghogha within 4 hours by sea route. We didn’t felt tiredness, with fresh body, and mind we have reached Ghogha. This ferry service will give a a lot of benefits to both sides of Saurashtra and South Gujarat.

Diamond broker, Dharmeshbhai Mangukia of Gariyadhar said that “during a month usually, we have to travel Surat at least four times, every time we spend two days for travelling, but now with this Ferry service we could come back to our work same day also.” I suggest ferry operators to introduce another vessel in their fleet and run more trips between Ghogha and Hazira.

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Saurashtra and South Gujarat have direct connections, both sides public connected with socially and economically. Till the inception of Ro-Pax ferry service, they have no option of travelling. Usually, they cost 10-12 hours for their journey. But with this ferry service now hectic travelling by road will comes to an end.
Now all eyes set on operators, how they regularize their service and succeeds to win the confidence of Saurashtra and People of South Gujarat. If they can run ship smoothly and regularly, regular traffic will divert on sea route. Huge potentials are there. Infect after festival season truck-transporters will opt mode of travelling through a ship only.

Transport operator Shivbhadrasinh said that “some time our vehicles also meet technical problems, it can be understandable that ferry ship during one week got few issues, but they provide better hospitalities, and refunds immediately when trip cancelled.”

The earlier ferry carried out between Ghogha and Dahej, but due to heavy siltation at Dahej and continuous expenses on dredging, the government dropped Dahej. But think to run a small passenger boat between Ghogha and Dahej.


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