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Ro-Pax ferry service inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi


Inaugurating the much-awaited Ghogha Hazira Row Pax Ferry Service, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the people of Saurashtra and South Gujarat has now fulfilled their long-standing dream.

Inaugurating the parallel Row Ferry Service at Ghogha and Hazira, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the 375 km road distance between Ghogha and Hazira will now be 90 km by sea. The distance is going to be dramatically improved not only by distance but also within the travel hours. 10 Earlier, the journey time would be reduced to 4 hours.

Addressing the function at Ghogha, Gujarat State Minister of Education and Minister of State or Bhavnagar Bhupendra Singh Chudasama said that now, a balanced and complete development goes on by sea. 25 years ago, the industry was defined only within the Vapi belt of Gujarat and there was a partial development.

Later development is an occupation all districts connected with vibrant Gujarat. What nobody can see is Narendra Modi, he has checked out the chances of evil development on the 1600 km long Gujarat coast and has worked to bring Gujarat on the map of the country.

The Ghogha Hazira Ro-Pax Ferry Service won’t only reduce road distance but will save many litres of diesel within the field of environmental purification. Mumbai of country and Surat is economic cities of Gujarat and therefore, the state and central government are leading the way of growth in South Gujarat and Saurashtra. Cotton is produced during a large proportion across Saurashtra while the textile industry is found in Surat.

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Addressing the function, Bhavnagar MP and BJP National vice-chairman Bharatiben Shiyal said, South Gujarat and Saurashtra are connecting waterways and with new connectivity through waterways, the industry are going to benefit greatly and new transportation facilities will be available to citizens.

State Minister of State for Education Vibhavariben Dave said that the Ghogha Hazira row pack ferry service is going to be launched. Road transport is going to be reduced. The Prime Minister’s dream is to possess inter-state and international connectivity within the coming days.

Addressing the function at Hazira, Union Shipping Minister Mansukh Mandviya said that the world’s best ships were built on the coast of Surat within the past, and later the shipbuilding of India was deliberately beaten. For the primary time since Independence, the simplest use of waterways is now getting to be done. The Ghogha Hazira Row Ferry Service is the largest row ferry service within the country.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, addressing the function, said that Gujarat goes to possess a meal and a ma. While Narendra Bhai is leading the country as prime minister, Gujarat’s major projects are being administered one by one.

Considering the potential of development along the coast of Gujarat and development is being done since the time of the Central and State Governments, Gujarat’s coastline will become a gateway of India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi added that the launch of the Ghogha Hazira Ferry Service will save time and expense.

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Farmers and cattle herders of Saurashtra are going to be ready to deliver their produce to the farmers of Surat. The loss of products was thanks to the very fact that, they had to travel more distances to Surat by road. Now farmers and cattle herders can reach Surat safely. Since I even have been involved during a ferry project, I’m fully conscious of its problems. Combining engineers and workers with many marine conditions can provide new facilities for many people.

To require the port sector of Gujarat during a new direction, we’ve implemented a skill development scheme to teach local youth within the Sagarkhedu scheme shipping sector and important work is being done to require youth to the shipping business by fixing of Maritime University in Gujarat. Gujarat accounts for 40% of the country’s total sea trade.

Captain Solanki Chief Nautical Officer of Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) has taken the responsibility of safe navigating the Ro-Pax ferry during the inaugural voyage. He said that “this is India’s biggest Ro-Pax ferry service and it’s going to benefit in saving fuel and timings between South Gujarat and Saurashtra”.

Encourage vocal for local festivals more:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised citizens to recollect the mantra of vocal for the locality, insisting on making purchases within the local sector when the subsequent festive season is happening, people should enforce using the merchandise of small people. This Diwali should be a turning point.

Union Shipping Ministry will be renamed:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the function, said that from now on, the Union Ministry of Shipping is going to be referred to as the Ministry of Shipping, Port, Waterways. The ministry of shipping in India is expanding its name and work. In India, the value of transporting goods from one end to the opposite is above in other countries, but with the event of waterways, these costs are often reduced. The increase in the road, rail, air, shipping systems has increased internal connectivity. Multimodal  Logistics Park is additionally being built and everyone’s efforts are going to be made to scale back logistics posts.

Good prices of Brengle in South Gujarat: Jambhai Gohil 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the attendees at the inauguration of the Row Ferry Service. As present at the ceremony at Ghogha, Bhai Gohil maybe a farmer by profession. He told Narendra Modi that since 1987, four or five sorts of Brengle are supplied to Surat per annum but the long distance between the 2 cities by road sometimes spoils the Brengle. With row ferry service, our goods will reach Surat in only 4 hours, so fresh goods are going to be delivered to Surat, and that we will get good prices.

Transport business will benefit greatly: Ashish Solanki

We have a transport business from Bhavnagar to Surat, Vapi, Valsad, Mumbai. The launch of Ghogha-Hazira ro-pax ferry service will bring our car to Surat in only 4 hours and therefore, the drivers will get rest. On hearing about the diesel and toll tax, Narendra Modi asked what percentage trucks you own, Ashish Bhai said he had a spare and eight drivers.

Ghoga to Hazira ferry service had been a dream for years: Nandlalbhai

NandlalBhai, who works as a diamond broker in Surat, and who is farming within the native in Bhavnagar district, said that for years, the dream of ferry service between Hazira Ghogha and therefore, the Hazara Was coming true. Now we will return to our homeland in only each day. The movement between Surat and Saurashtra are going to be enhanced and therefore, the small enterprises also will be developed.

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Jain pilgrimage Palitana can now be visited frequently: Nehal Shah

Jain Nehal Shah, who works as a contract graphic designer in Surat and maybe a religious designer, said that sometimes during a year, we attend Palitana once or twice. But now that the ferry service will reach Palitana in but an hour, we’ll attend pilgrimage frequently during the year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that two benefits of Jain society are recently made available to travel to Girnar while Ghogha Hazira Row Ferry Service also can be a simple medium for Jain pilgrimage to Palitana.


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