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Voyage Symphony Ro-Pax ship second time in five days made obstacle



Most anticipated Ghogha-Hazira Ro-Pax ship administration hailed off by Hon. Executive of India on Sunday and he said while initiating that “this ship administration will bring greater thriving for the individuals of Saurashtra and South Gujarat, as they are coming closer by separation”. Be that as it may, inside the hour of five days, second-time ship transport Voyage Symphony made difficulty to the administrator.

On Tuesday, at 7.30 a.m. ship transport cruised from Hazira and showed up at Ghogha at 12.00 early afternoon. She was hoping to leave Ghogha on 2 p.m. furthermore, likewise, travellers boarded the vessel. However, because of some specialized issues in the Generator, the ship couldn’t cruise from Ghogha. Travellers have given discount offices by Indigo Seaways Pvt. Ltd.,

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Rameshbhai, a traveller who needs to go with his vehicle from Ghogha to Hazira said that “I have arrived at Ghogha terminal on schedule, I am voyaging first time by transport consequently I was so eager for streams voyaging, yet ship transport dropped because of some specialized issues”.

Specialized issues can emerge in any vehicles, it tends to be justifiable, yet administrators should depute some mindful individual to fulfil travellers with a genuine explanation.

South Gujarat and Saurashtra individuals foreseeing the smooth run of ship transport. The overpowering reaction got to ship and next 10 days ship is nearly reserved.

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Despite the fact that the idea of Ghogha-Hazira ocean course is totally fine and it will get a great reaction too. A few travellers voiced that; administrators ought to bring fresh out of the box new boat to stay away from such specialized aggravation.

Kishorbhai has local in Bhavnagar area and dwelling at Surat for business reason said that thinking about Diwali celebrations, my family chose to return home. Generally, we are going by street, however his time we heard that we can go with our vehicle from ocean course by ship administration. Consequently attempted to book the ticket for Thursday, we found that ship is faulty. We will presently have no choice of road voyaging.

Though ferry operator Indigo Seaways Pvt. Ltd., are making their best efforts, voyage symphony ship created technical issues second time in five days. On last Friday, a trial run was carried out from Ghogha to Hazira, during voyage ship received some technical issues and reached Hazira after 6 hours of her scheduled time. On Tuesday also some issues arose. 

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