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ABS and Seatrium Unveil Smart Technology Breakthrough

ABS and Seatrium Unveil Smart Technology Breakthrough

ABS and Seatrium Unveil Smart Technology Breakthrough

ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and Seatrium Limited (Seatrium) have achieved a significant milestone in the realm of smart technology by assigning a structural health monitoring notation to a self-elevating drilling unit (SEDU) called ADMARINE 686. This groundbreaking achievement marks ADMARINE 686 as the world’s first SEDU to receive the ABS SMART (SHM) Notation. This notation acknowledges the unit’s capability to monitor and analyze various critical structural elements. It supports physics-based analysis and simulation, enabling a comprehensive structural health assessment and prediction of drilling and maritime assets.

Seatrium Offshore Technology, a member of the Seatrium Group, has collaborated with the Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore (TCOMS) to create a structural digital twin using data from sensors installed on the SEDU. This digital twin can detect structural degradation based on global strength response. The structural health monitoring smart function is implemented on an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) digital platform, ensuring seamless connectivity between the rig and a shoreside station in Singapore.

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Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman and CEO, emphasized the significance of this achievement, stating that the SHM notation represents a major advancement in applying smart technology to enhance safety at sea. He highlighted the collaborative effort with innovative companies like Seatrium, setting the pace for digital innovation in the marine and offshore industries.

Chris Ong, Chief Executive Officer of Seatrium, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership, stating that Seatrium is dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance safety and operational performance in the offshore, marine, and energy sectors. He emphasized their commitment to inspiring, innovating, and inventing market-ready solutions for the industry.

This achievement builds upon the ongoing collaboration between ABS and Seatrium in developing smart performance functions. In April 2023, ABS recognized Seatrium as the first shipyard group to deploy smart technologies in its operations, aligning with the ABS Guide for Smart Technologies for Shipyards. Previously, ABS and Seatrium introduced the world’s first smart LNG bunkering vessel, FueLNG Bellina. Seatrium was also acknowledged as the first shipyard to integrate smart functions and services into rigs, earning the SMART(INF) and SMART(MHM) notations.

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