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Adani’s Mundra Port Makes History by Docking World’s Largest Container Ship

Adani's Mundra Port Makes History by Docking World's Largest Container Ship

Adani’s Mundra Port Makes History by Docking World’s Largest Container Ship

Mundra Port, owned by Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd (APSEZ), India’s largest port operator, has achieved a remarkable feat by welcoming the biggest container ship ever to call on an Indian port. The arrival of the MSC Anna on Sunday, May 26th, marked a significant milestone not just for the port itself, but also for the entire Indian maritime industry.

The MSC Anna is a behemoth, stretching an impressive 399.98 meters in length – roughly the distance of four football fields placed end-to-end. This leviathan of the seas boasts a massive cargo capacity of 19,200 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units), solidifying its position among the world’s largest container ships.

One of the key factors behind Mundra Port’s ability to host the MSC Anna is its exceptional depth. The ship has an arrival draft of 16.3 meters, a depth that no other port in India can currently accommodate. This deep-draft capability highlights Mundra Port’s advanced infrastructure and its readiness to handle the ever-growing needs of the global shipping industry.

The arrival of the MSC Anna isn’t just a symbolic achievement; it signifies Mundra Port’s exceptional cargo handling efficiency. During its stay, the port anticipates processing approximately 12,500 TEUs, showcasing its well-oiled operations and ability to manage large-scale cargo movements seamlessly.

This isn’t the first time Mundra Port has broken records. In July 2023, they welcomed the MV MSC Hamburg, another giant among container ships, with a near-identical length of 399 meters and a capacity of 16,652 TEUs. This achievement set the stage for a record-breaking year for Mundra Port.

Later in 2023, Mundra Port achieved another landmark – becoming the first port in India to handle a staggering 16 Million Metric Tonnes (MMT) of cargo in a single month. This immense volume demonstrates the port’s significant role in facilitating India’s trade activities.

Mundra Port’s container terminal, CT-3, has also been instrumental in its success story. In October 2023, CT-3 became the first container terminal in India to manage a remarkable 3 million TEUs in a single year. Furthermore, the terminal shattered another record in November 2023 by handling over 300,000 TEUs in a single month – the highest volume ever achieved by any container terminal in India.

The arrival of the MSC Anna and the string of record-breaking achievements by Mundra Port solidify its position as a leader in India’s maritime sector. The port’s deep-water facilities, advanced infrastructure, and efficient operations make it a vital hub for international trade. This milestone not only cements Adani Ports’ dominance in the Indian market but also paves the way for further growth and development of the country’s maritime industry.

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