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Alang : The hub of ship recycling in India

Alang : The hub of ship recycling in India

Dt.4th August, 2023

Alang, located in Gujarat, India, is the biggest ship recycling center in the world. At the Alang Ship Recycling Yard, they dismantle and recycle hundreds of ships from all over the globe each year. This industry provides employment to thousands of workers and generates various materials and equipment for reuse.

The process of ship recycling involves breaking down the ship’s structure into smaller pieces and extracting valuable components like steel, copper, brass, aluminum, machinery, and furniture. The scrap metal is sold to steel mills and other industries, while reusable items are either sold locally or exported to other countries. This practice helps conserve natural resources and reduces the environmental impact of disposing of ships.

During a decade, the industry has taken several steps to improve its reputation and performance. The Indian government passed the Recycling of Ships Act in 2019 to regulate and promote safe and environmentally sound ship recycling in the country. The act incorporates the provisions of the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, a global treaty for ship recycling. It mandates that all ships coming to India for recycling obtain a certificate from the competent authority and adhere to HKC standards.

The industry has also invested in upgrading its infrastructure and technology to enhance efficiency and quality. The Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB), responsible for managing ship recycling in Alang, has initiated several projects to provide better facilities and services to the recyclers and workers. These include developing larger plots, providing cranes, fire-fighting systems, drainage systems, medical facilities, training centers, and more. The GMB collaborates with national and international agencies to conduct audits, inspections, training, and awareness programs for industry stakeholders.

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The ship recycling industry in Alang aims to attract more ships from countries with a large fleet of aging ships in need of disposal, such as Europe and Japan. By achieving HKC compliance and improving capacity and standards, they hope to compete with other ship recycling destinations like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, and China. The industry also seeks to diversify its offerings by exploring opportunities like green ship recycling, offshore decommissioning, ship repair, and maintenance.

Alang’s ship recycling industry is undergoing a transformation that will profoundly impact its economic, social, and environmental aspects. The industry aspires to become a model of sustainable development that meets present needs without compromising the future.

Government of India and State Government are doing their best to support ship recycling industries of Alang, however this business is passing from its bad patch during last 18 months.



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