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American ports to upgrade infrastructure

American ports to upgrade infrastructure

American ports have secured a significant boost in funding this year, with the US Department of Transportation allocating nearly US$40 million to enhance infrastructure supporting robust critical supply chains. These grants are made available through the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program, which has already disbursed over US$2.2 billion during this fiscal year.

Recognizing the importance of investing in America’s seaports, Chris Connor, President and CEO of the AAPA, emphasized the substantial long-term return on investment, estimated at approximately $2 to $3 for every dollar spent. Connor expressed gratitude to Congress, Secretary Buttigieg, and the dedicated staff at USDOT, with whom they closely collaborate, for providing these much-needed RAISE grants. The grants not only benefit the ports themselves but also the interconnected assets such as bridges, roads, and railways that facilitate port operations.

PortMiami stands among the fortunate recipients, having been awarded US$5 million. This funding will facilitate the completion of crucial aspects of their master plan, advancing their Net Zero Program. PortMiami’s ambitious plan encompasses achieving carbon neutrality, establishing two inland cargo centers, and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

The Puerto Rico Port Authority has also been granted US$3 million to finance a feasibility study and preparatory initiatives related to the improvement of Avenue C, an essential roadway link and the sole connection to the Port’s eastern wharves. The proposed design enhancements aim to streamline cargo operations and minimize the port’s environmental impact.

In a commendable approach to equitable distribution, this year’s awards have been equally divided between rural and urban areas. Moreover, almost three-quarters of the grants have been allocated to projects in impoverished or historically disadvantaged areas. This ensures that the funding reaches the regions most in need and helps address disparities in infrastructure development.

Overall, these grants represent a significant investment in strengthening American ports and critical supply chains. By supporting infrastructure enhancements, the grants contribute to increased efficiency, sustainability, and resilience, benefiting both the ports and the communities they serve.

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