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APM Terminals and DP World Forge Alliance for Zero-Emission Ports at COP28

APM Terminals and DP World Forge Alliance for Zero-Emission Ports at COP28

APM Terminals and DP World Forge Alliance for Zero-Emission Ports at COP28

APM Terminals and DP World have joined forces to establish the Zero Emission Port Alliance (ZEPA), a collaborative initiative aimed at expediting the transition to zero emissions for container handling equipment (CHE) in ports. The alliance, unveiled during COP28, extends membership invitations to all industry participants, including terminal operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), port authorities, and government entities.

At the heart of ZEPA’s mission is a commitment to driving the widespread adoption of battery-electric container handling equipment (BE-CHE) and catalyzing further reductions in emissions at ports. The decision to focus on BE-CHE stems from a comprehensive white paper commissioned by APM Terminals and DP World in October 2023. The study revealed the potential for BE-CHE to become as or more competitive than diesel-powered counterparts as it becomes more cost-effective, appealing, and accessible. This tipping point could materialize within the next 2 to 8 years, contingent on concerted, collective action across the entire port ecosystem.

ZEPA’s initiatives revolve around four key objectives designed to address challenges related to affordability and accessibility:

  1. Promote Increased Production Capacity of BE-CHE: Encourage manufacturers to scale up production capacity of BE-CHE, thereby reducing product costs.
  2. Reduce Costs of Batteries and Charging Solutions: Lower the cost of batteries and charging solutions, simplify implementation processes, and enhance equipment interoperability.
  3. Prepare Terminal Operators and Grid Infrastructure for BE-CHE and Shore Power Implementation: Ensure that terminal operators and the grid infrastructure are ready for the deployment of BE-CHE and shore power.
  4. Facilitate Implementation Conditions for Zero-Emission Fleets: Create a conducive environment for the implementation of zero-emission fleets and accelerate the adoption of zero-emission CHE.

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The alliance emphasizes that its members will play a crucial role in shaping the work program and deliverables based on practical experiences and needs. Companies joining ZEPA not only contribute to the realization of affordable BE-CHE but also enjoy the benefits of actively participating in this industry-wide collective effort.

ZEPA operates under the principles of compliance with antitrust and competition laws, emphasizing transparency in its processes and progress. Key findings and outcomes will be made accessible to the entire industry, ensuring that the impact of ZEPA extends beyond its member organizations.

Jack Craig, Global Head of Technical at APM Terminals, expressed the significance of the alliance, stating, “Our industry is in a strong position to drive real, meaningful change to decarbonize ports, and I believe the launch of the Zero Emission Port Alliance is a vital step in the right direction.” He highlighted the appropriateness of launching ZEPA during COP28, aligning with the broader global conversations around achieving net-zero emissions.

Tiemen Meester, COO of Ports & Terminals at DP World, stressed the need for collective, industry-wide action to make affordable and appealing battery-electric CHE a global reality. Meester emphasized ZEPA’s commitment to delivering tangible, short-term actions and expressed confidence in the dedication shown by the founding members and the interest from other industry stakeholders. He concluded, “All involved in terminal operations must play their role in realizing zero-emission ports.”

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In essence, the Zero Emission Port Alliance represents a significant leap forward in the pursuit of sustainable and environmentally friendly port operations. By uniting key industry players, ZEPA aims to overcome barriers to the adoption of zero-emission technologies, making them not only feasible but also economically attractive. The alliance’s focus on battery-electric CHE underscores the transformative potential of this technology in reshaping the landscape of port operations, ultimately contributing to global efforts to combat climate change.

As ZEPA embarks on its journey, it stands as a testament to the industry’s commitment to addressing the challenges of emissions in a collaborative and results-oriented manner. The alliance’s activities, guided by transparency and adherence to competition laws, provide a blueprint for similar initiatives across industries, demonstrating that collective action is pivotal in achieving meaningful and impactful change.

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