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Around the shipping world in 1 minute as on 11th September 2023

Around the shipping world in 1 minute as on 11th September 2023

Massive Areca Nut Smuggling Bust Worth Rs 32 Crores at Maharashtra Port

In a significant operation against areca nut smuggling, authorities from the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seized about 371 tons of areca nuts at Jawaharlal Nehru Port in Maharashtra’s Raigad district. The confiscated areca nuts, valued at over Rs 32 crores, were found in 14 containers by the DRI team. The team is currently investigating to uncover the people involved in this smuggling operation.

An official from the DRI explained, “Based on credible information, we halted these containers at Jawaharlal Nehru Port on August 31st. Originally, the goods were supposed to be transferred to a dry port in Talegaon. However, due to suspicions that the cargo could be stolen or replaced along the way, we decided to intercept the containers.”

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Environmentally-Friendly Concrete for Khalifa Port Expansion

CEMEX will provide over 200,000 cubic meters of environmentally-friendly Vertua concrete for the expansion of Khalifa Port in the United Arab Emirates. Khalifa Port is part of AD Ports Group and is one of the world’s largest port infrastructure projects. Located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it serves 25 major shipping lines with connections to more than 70 international destinations. The port includes container terminals, cargo facilities, logistics ports, liquid bulk terminals, and roll-on roll-off terminals.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Resumes Sailings

After having to cancel two last-minute Alaska cruises on Radiance of the Seas due to a ship propulsion issue, Royal Caribbean is set to resume sailings. Guests booked for the September 15th sailing received a reassuring email from Royal Caribbean confirming that the ship’s technical problems have been resolved. In their announcement, Royal Caribbean stated, “Our Marine technical team has given us the green light, and we’re thrilled to announce that Radiance of the Seas will be returning to service beginning with our September 15th sailing.”

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Decommissioning of US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship

The US Navy’s littoral combat ship program was originally intended to provide fast and powerful ships for operations near shores, including dealing with coastal targets and submarines. However, the program faced rising costs, and the Navy shifted its focus towards more significant naval warfare in the Pacific Ocean. As a result, the Navy decided to decommission nine Freedom-class LCS vessels in the 2023 fiscal year, which some have humorously referred to as “little crappy ships.”

During a ceremony, Vice Adm. Dirk Debbink praised the service of one of these ships, the Milwaukee, which only deployed twice, including an operation where it intercepted drug traffickers and seized $30 million worth of cocaine bound for the United States.

Adani Group’s Mundra Port Sets Record Cargo Volume in August

Adani Group’s flagship port, Mundra, achieved an incredible milestone in August by handling its highest-ever monthly cargo volume. During that month, the port efficiently managed a cargo volume of 15.32 million metric tons (MMT) and coordinated the movement of 1,776 trains, including 1,532 container trains. This achievement was proudly announced in an official statement by the company, marking one of many significant cargo volume milestones reached by Mundra Port this year.

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