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Around the shipping world in 1 minute as on 13th September 2023

Around the shipping world in 1 minute as on 13th September 2023

APM Terminals Mumbai Resumes Operations on Second Berth

Gateway Terminals India, also known as APM Terminals Mumbai, has restarted its operations on the refurbished second berth, which is now equipped with state-of-the-art ship-to-shore cranes. According to an official announcement, the terminal has now resumed operations on both of its berths. The terminal is actively implementing its “Fit for Future” project, which involves a substantial investment in infrastructure.

The introduction of these new cranes will enable the terminal to safely and efficiently handle larger vessels. Currently, there is ongoing civil work to extend the terminal’s south bridge and install dolphin moors, with completion expected early next year. This expansion will increase the terminal’s container handling capacity by 10 percent, reaching a total of 2.18 million TEUs.

Cruise ship with 206 pax ran aground near Denmark

IMO Aligns Climate Targets with Paris Agreement

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) often faces criticism from climate watchdogs. However, on Monday, the global body received praise for its alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement’s objectives. UMAS, a shipping consultancy associated with University College London, has determined that the latest climate targets set by the IMO closely correspond with the Paris Agreement, even more so than the regional rules established by the EU. While the specific details of IMO regulations are still under discussion, the aspirational targets are expected to guide the shipping industry toward limiting temperature rise to just over 1.5 degrees Celsius by mid-century, mirroring the Paris target.

Dr. Tristan Smith, Director of UMAS, remarked, “The IMO’s revised strategy paves the way for the majority of the shipping industry to achieve maximum efficiency by 2030 and transition away from fossil fuels by 2040.”

Major Railway and Port Agreement to be Signed by India, the US, and Saudi Arabia

MOL Invests in Innovative Dutch Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Technology

TouchWind is actively developing a floating wind turbine with a unique tilting, angled one-piece rotor design. In May, a small-scale prototype of this innovative technology was installed at Fieldlab Green Economy Westvoorne in the Netherlands.

The prototype boasts a rotor diameter of 6 meters and will undergo testing at its installation location, covering aspects like mooring, anchoring, and assessing its ecological impact on the local environment. Thanks to a financial investment from MOL, the field testing of TouchWind’s tilting, angled one-piece rotor floating wind turbine can be expanded, along with further research into the positive wake effects generated by this technology.

Rikus van de Klippe, Founder and CEO of TouchWind, expressed, “Field testing with a 6-meter diameter rotor is currently in full preparation at the Oostvoorne lake in the Netherlands. With MOL as a shareholder and their investments, we can accelerate our testing program, demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology, and reduce our time to market.”

Revolutionizing ship recycling: GMS introduces world’s first digital portal

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