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Around the SHIPPING WORLD in 1 minute as on 16th September 2023

Indian Navy Ship

(1) Indian Naval Ship ‘Nireekshak’ Arrives in Sri Lanka

A highly advanced Indian Naval Ship called ‘Nireekshak’ has made its way to the port of Trincomalee in Sri Lanka. The purpose of this visit is to conduct Mixed Gas Diving training for the Sri Lanka Navy. This initiative was announced in a press release by the Indian High Commission in Colombo.

On September 14, as the ship reached its destination, the Sri Lankan Navy extended a warm and traditional welcome. Following the ship’s arrival, Commander Jeetu Singh Chauhan, who leads the Indian Naval ship, met with Rear Admiral PS De Silva, the Commander of the Eastern Naval Area in Sri Lanka. They engaged in friendly discussions regarding the upcoming diving training program, which is planned for an eight-day period. During this deployment, the ship’s personnel will also participate in activities like Yoga, interacting with schoolchildren, and contributing to beach cleaning efforts.

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(2) Maersk Anticipates Gradual Recovery in Global Trade

Maersk, the prominent Danish shipping company, has reported early indications of a global trade recovery. Despite this positive news, the company’s shares experienced a slight decline on Friday. Maersk had previously noted weak demand due to supply constraints and consumer uncertainty in the past year.

However, there is now a noticeable improvement, particularly in Europe and the United States. Vincent Clerc, the Chief Executive of Maersk, shared his optimism, stating that they hope for a gradual recovery in 2024, as long as there are no unexpected negative developments. This recovery is expected to align more closely with consumption patterns rather than inventory corrections. Notably, Maersk recently unveiled the world’s first container ship powered by green methanol.

(3) Cruise Ship Arrives Early in Bangor Ahead of Hurricane Lee’s Arrival

A small cruise ship originally scheduled to reach Bangor over the weekend arrived a day early on Friday. The vessel, capable of accommodating 100 passengers, is operated by American Cruise Lines and is part of the company’s Maine Coast and Harbors route. This route starts in Portland and takes passengers to various destinations along the coast, including Bar Harbor, Bangor, Camden, Rockland, Boothbay Harbor, and Bath, before returning to Portland.

The ship’s early arrival is due to preparations for Hurricane Lee’s impending arrival in the Maine area. It will remain docked in Bangor over the weekend to ensure the safety of passengers and crew during the adverse weather conditions.

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(4) Andaman Region Prioritizes Maritime Safety

Six provinces in the Andaman region have proposed enhancing maritime safety measures for tourists and cruise ships. The aim is to increase confidence in the safety of maritime travel in the area. RAdm Chaiyanan Chumai, the spokesperson for the Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Centre (Thai-MECC), made this announcement following an annual board meeting chaired by Navy Chief Adm Choengchai Chomchoengpaet on Thursday.

The meeting brought together provincial governors from the Andaman provinces, which include Phuket, Krabi, Phangnga, Ranong, Trang, and Satun. Among the proposals discussed were measures to provide better assistance to tourists and to welcome more cruise services, such as the Spectrum of the Seas, in Phuket. This initiative aims to enhance the overall safety and experience for maritime travelers in the region.

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