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Around the SHIPPING WORLD in 1 minute as on 18th September 2023

Around the SHIPPING WORLD in 1 minute as on 18th September 2023

(1) Tragedy Strikes at Toggi Ship Breaking Yard in Chittagong as Worker Falls to His Death

In a heart-wrenching incident, a worker lost his life after a fatal fall from a ship at the Toggi Green Ship Breaking and Recycling Ltd located in the Sitakunda upazila of Chattogram. The unfortunate victim has been identified as Mohammad Harunur Rashid, a 39-year-old individual, and the son of Mohammad Bokhtiar from the Roumari upazila in Kurigram district.

According to information provided by Industrial Police sources, the incident occurred as Harunur Rashid was carrying out his duties on a ship at the Toggi Green Ship Breaking and Recycling yard. Tragically, he fell from the ship at approximately 7:30 pm, suffering severe injuries. His fellow co-workers acted swiftly to rescue him, and he was rushed to the Chattogram Medical College Hospital (CMCH). Despite the best efforts of on-duty doctors, his injuries proved fatal, and he was pronounced dead.

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(2) Collision Between Two Ships off Istanbul Coast Leaves No Casualties or Environmental Damage

A cargo ship and a container ship recently collided off the coast of Ahırkapı, Istanbul, but fortunately, there were no reported casualties, injuries, or environmental pollution, as confirmed by the General Directorate of Coastal Safety.

The collision took place within the Ahırkapı Zone and involved two vessels: the “New Legend,” a 228-meter-long dry cargo ship, and the “Elbsun,” a 141-meter-long container ship. Following a comprehensive inspection carried out by the KEGM-4 rapid rescue team, no significant damage was detected. Authorities are maintaining close monitoring of the situation to ensure the safety of the involved vessels and the surrounding environment.

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(3) First Cargo Ships Arrive at Ukrainian Port After Russia’s Exit from Grain Deal

Over the weekend, a significant development unfolded in one of Ukraine’s ports as two cargo ships made their arrival. These vessels navigated through a temporary Black Sea corridor established by Kyiv following Russia’s withdrawal from an agreement crafted during times of conflict. This agreement was designed to facilitate safe grain exports from the invaded country’s ports.

The two bulk carriers, bearing the flag of Palau and named Aroyat and Resilient Africa, successfully docked at the seaport of Chornomorsk in the southern Odesa region. This marks a significant milestone, as they are the first civilian cargo ships to reach one of the Odesa ports since Russia exited the grain deal.

Oleksandr Kubrakov, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, expressed in an online statement that these two ships will be delivering approximately 20,000 tons of wheat to nations in Africa and Asia.

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