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Cruise ship experienced dangerous wind

Cruise ship experienced dangerous wind
Cruise ship experienced dangerous wind

The Independence of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, experienced unexpected and dangerously high winds while preparing to leave Port Canaveral in Florida. The incident occurred during a brief but intense rainstorm, catching passengers off guard. Videos posted on social media depicted deck furniture, such as chairs and tables, being propelled by the strong winds, causing passengers to run for cover. One video on TikTok showed a lounger narrowly missing a woman carrying a small child.

Despite the chaotic scene, Royal Caribbean stated that no passengers were seriously injured during the flash storm. However, two passengers expressed their dissatisfaction on TikTok, claiming that the cruise line failed to notify passengers about the approaching storm. They criticized the lack of announcements from the captain before or after the incident, suggesting that the cruise line disregarded the event. According to the passengers’ accounts, the weather changed rapidly, with sunny conditions abruptly turning into heavy rain and strong winds.

Royal Caribbean responded to the incident, acknowledging that the ship encountered a sudden gust of high winds during its departure from Port Canaveral. The company emphasized that the gust lasted for only a brief period and that there were no serious injuries reported among guests or crew members. The ship continued its planned itinerary and arrived in the Bahamas on schedule.

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