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Cruising into Luxury: Abu Dhabi’s 2023-2024 Season Unveiled

Cruising into Luxury: Abu Dhabi's 2023-2024 Season Unveiled

Cruising into Luxury: Abu Dhabi’s 2023-2024 Season Unveiled

Exciting news is on the horizon for cruise enthusiasts and travelers alike, as AD Ports Group has officially kicked off the 2023-2024 cruise season with the arrival of the stunning cruise ship, “Crystal Symphony.” This magnificent vessel docked at Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal in Zayed Port, marking the beginning of a promising and bustling season for cruise lovers. The port is gearing up for an impressive 126 cruise calls, starting from November 1st. Additionally, the picturesque Sir Bani Yas Cruise Beach is all set to host 63 calls, with the first one warmly received on October 31st. What makes this season even more special is the anticipation of nine maiden voyages, as ships make their inaugural visit to Abu Dhabi, adding a touch of novelty and excitement to the air.

Noura Rashed Al Dhaheri, the Chief Executive Officer of Cruise Business at AD Ports Group, expressed her excitement, saying, “We are thrilled to announce the official commencement of the cruise season here in Abu Dhabi with the arrival of the Crystal Symphony. Last season, Zayed Port proudly claimed its position as the busiest cruise port in the region, a testament to Abu Dhabi’s allure as a premier tourist destination. This success is owed to our exceptional infrastructure, capable of effortlessly accommodating the largest vessels in the region. We are fully committed to collaborating with cruise lines, aiming to enhance Abu Dhabi’s global standing as a sought-after cruise destination.”

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In line with AD Ports Group’s dedication to enriching Abu Dhabi’s event calendar, Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal is gearing up to welcome over 7,000 visitors during the highly anticipated Formula 1 Abu Dhabi, ensuring they experience top-notch hospitality and unforgettable moments.

Moreover, AD Ports Group’s Cruise business, an integral part of the Ports Cluster, has expanded its reach to the Red Sea. In January 2023, the Aqaba Cruise Terminal was inaugurated successfully, opening new doors for cruise travelers to explore and enjoy the Red Sea region.

Reflecting on the previous cruise season, the numbers speak volumes about Abu Dhabi’s appeal as a cruise destination. The Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal welcomed over 600,000 visitors in the 2022-2023 season, with an impressive 82,000 passengers embarking on their journeys from Abu Dhabi. The first quarter of 2023 showcased remarkable growth, recording 363,494 visitors and 120 calls. Comparatively, Q1 of 2022 saw 89,953 visitors and 60 calls, underlining a substantial increase in cruise tourism. Surprisingly, the passenger volumes in Q1 2023 surpassed the entire year of 2022 by an impressive 37 percent, underscoring the growing popularity of Abu Dhabi as a favored cruise destination.

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For those unfamiliar, Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal, established in December 2015, serves as a convenient hub for cruise-liner passengers. This state-of-the-art terminal offers an array of amenities, including restaurants, retail outlets, duty-free shops, Etihad Airline check-in facilities, and secure baggage storage. It ensures that travelers have a seamless and enjoyable experience, enhancing their exploration of the UAE capital and making their cruise journey even more memorable.

As the 2023-2024 cruise season sets sail, Abu Dhabi stands poised to capture the hearts of travelers from around the globe, offering not only breathtaking views and cultural experiences but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making every cruise an unforgettable adventure. So, whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or a first-timer, Abu Dhabi’s Cruise Terminal invites you to embark on a journey filled with excitement, luxury, and unparalleled hospitality. Get ready to set sail and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime in the captivating embrace of Abu Dhabi’s enchanting cruise destinations.

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