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Germany tests eco-friendly ship recycling process

Sustainable ship recycling pilot in Germany

Applied New Technologies (ANT), a company based in L├╝beck, Germany, known for making mobile water jet cutters, is leading the way in pilot projects to dismantle ships using environmentally friendly methods.

ANT’s approach not only ensures the safe dismantling of ships but also allows for the recovery of valuable raw materials, which can be used to produce environmentally friendly steel.

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In June 2022, ANT launched a pilot project in the northern German port of Kiel. They used a cutting-edge system that minimizes emissions during ship dismantling. This innovative method involves a high-pressure water jet that can cut through 10-millimeter-thick steel plates at a remarkable rate of two meters per minute. They are planning a similar project in Bremen, in northwest Germany.

Anticipating a Significant Increase

ANT predicts that the number of ships being recycled will double from 7,780 over the last decade to 15,000 in the coming years. This increase is driven by stricter regulations and the steel industry’s goal to reduce emissions by approximately 30% by 2030. ANT sees recycling steel from ships as a notably sustainable solution to meet these challenges.

ANT stated in a press release, “Every year, hundreds of ships worldwide are taken out of service and scrapped. The steel reclaimed from these ships is a valuable resource.”

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They also highlighted the importance of international agreements like the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, which comes into effect on June 26, 2025, and the EU Ship Recycling Regulation. These agreements advocate for eco-friendly ship recycling practices and safe working conditions.

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