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GMB vice chairman visited Alang ship recycling yard

Ship Recycling Industries Association of India

Newly appointed Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Gujarat Maritime Board Rajkumar Beniwal visited Alang Ship Recycling Yard on 8th July 2023.

Rajkumar Beniwal visited different plots of Alang Ship Breaking Yard and observed the systematic operation of ship cutting. Beniwal expressed satisfaction over the ship cutting operations, security facilities.

A meeting was held by the Ship Recycling Industries Association of India with the Vice Chairman of GMB. In this meeting, the main office bearers of the association presented to the vice chairman of GMB to allot land for backyard in front of their yard and to set up a labor housing colony around the backyard to carry out operations as per Hong Kong Convention.

Recently, the concessions given by GMB to the ship recycling industry were appreciated. In addition, a proposal was made to merge plots of the same ownership adjacent to smaller plots in separate ship breaking yards, and to allow industrialists to transfer related plots near each other to merge smaller plots.

The Ship Recycling Industries Association expressed willingness to construct a labor housing colony in the land opposite the ship breaking plot of the concerned industrialists and offered land for the same.

According to Rameshbhai Mendpara, vice-president of the Ship Recycling Industries Association of India, the newly appointed vice chairman of GMB visited Alang Shipping Yard for the first time, observed the cutting process in different yards, and held a meeting with the Ship Recycling Industries Association. His entire visit and meeting with the association was positive. The Vice Chairman assured all support for the development of Alang Ship Recycling Industries.

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