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GMS Founder and CEO, Dr. Anil Sharma, Recognized in Lloyd’s List Top 100 for 14th Consecutive Year

GMS Founder and CEO, Dr. Anil Sharma, Recognized in Lloyd's List Top 100 for 14th Consecutive Year

GMS Founder and CEO, Dr. Anil Sharma, Recognized in Lloyd’s List Top 100 for 14th Consecutive Year

GMS, a leader in sustainable ship recycling, proudly announces that its Founder and CEO, Dr. Anil Sharma, has been honored in Lloyd’s List Top 100 Most Influential People in the Shipping Industry for an unprecedented 14th consecutive year. This remarkable achievement places Dr. Sharma amongst an elite group of only seven individuals worldwide who have consistently been recognized in all 14 editions of the list, showcasing his enduring influence and leadership in the global maritime sector.

Under Dr. Sharma’s visionary leadership, GMS has played a pivotal role in advocating for and implementing sustainable ship recycling practices. His efforts have been instrumental in the ratification of the Hong Kong Convention (HKC) across the Indian sub-continent, marking a significant milestone in the industry’s journey towards environmental stewardship.

“Being part of this esteemed list for 14 years, alongside a select few, is not just a personal honor, but a testament to our team’s dedication at GMS and Lila Global. It reflects our collective efforts to build cross-sector collaboration and develop tangible approaches to reducing emissions and promoting sustainable practices in maritime trade,” said Dr. Anil Sharma.

Dr. Sharma’s leadership extends beyond GMS to Lila Global, a ship-owning company with a growing fleet focused on enhancing the efficiency of mid-life ships. His philosophy of extending the lifespan of vessels aligns with the industry’s broader environmental goals and showcases innovative strategies to address global maritime challenges.

With its forward-thinking leadership and commitment to sustainable practices, Lila Global is set to continue its trajectory as a trailblazer in the maritime industry under Dr. Sharma’s stewardship.
“This recognition from Lloyd’s List is not about individual achievements but about the collaborative efforts to steer the industry towards a sustainable future,” Dr. Sharma added. “It’s a celebration of collective willpower and commitment to making a meaningful difference.”

GMS, along with Lila Global, anticipates a dynamic year ahead, with sustainable ship recycling and responsible fleet management at the forefront of their operations. The companies’ progressive approaches, combined with Dr. Sharma’s foresight and leadership, position them at the forefront of the industry’s transformative journey.

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