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Government chooses three ports to boost green hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol exports

Government chooses three ports to boost green hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol exports

The Indian government is ramping up efforts to accelerate hydrogen exports by focusing on three key ports: Kandla, Paradip, and Tuticorin. These ports have been earmarked as central hubs for the export of green hydrogen, green ammonia, and green methanol over the next seven years.

To achieve this goal, the shipping and port ministry will invest in the necessary infrastructure at these ports. This investment will facilitate the storage, handling, and bunkering of green hydrogen, green ammonia, and their related products. India aims to develop the capacity to export approximately 5 million tonnes per year of green hydrogen and its derivatives by 2030.

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This initiative aligns with the objectives outlined in the National Green Hydrogen Mission. Hydrogen can find applications in various industries, such as fertilizers and petrochemicals. Additionally, its derivatives serve as low-carbon fuel options for transportation sectors like shipping, metro rail, and trains.

In a significant move, the Odisha government is in the process of allocating land near Paradip Port to manufacturers of green hydrogen and its derivatives. The port authority plans to create shared infrastructure facilities dedicated to the green hydrogen project. This includes the allocation of a berth specifically for handling ammonia and other derivatives. To fund these developments, the port authorities have requested a grant of Rs 325 crore from the shipping ministry.

The Deendayal Port Authority in Kandla has invited global Expression of Interest (EOI) to gauge interest from developers and market players involved in the production, storage, and sale of green hydrogen and green ammonia.

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Meanwhile, the VOCPA port in Tuticorin has set aside 500 acres of land for the development of a green hydrogen hub. Port authorities have submitted a proposal to the government, seeking grants and viability gap funding for the necessary infrastructure development.

These strategic efforts are crucial steps toward achieving India’s green energy goals, paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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