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Government is keen to improve Bangladesh ship recycling industry

Government is keen to improve Bangladesh ship recycling industry
Government is keen to improve Bangladesh ship recycling industry

Minister Md. Shahab Uddin, who oversees Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, talked about the government’s efforts to improve the ship breaking industry’s safety and environmental impact. He mentioned this during his speech as the main guest at a workshop organized by the Department of Environment (DoE) in the capital city.

He shared that Bangladesh has recently agreed to follow ‘The Hong Kong International Convention,’ which focuses on safe and environmentally friendly ways to recycle ships. Laws like the Bangladesh Ship Recycling Act of 2018, Bangladesh Ship Recycling Rules of 2011, and Medical Waste (Management and Processing) Rules of 2008 have been introduced to create a sustainable ship breaking industry.

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Thanks to these government measures, four shipyards have already become eco-friendly “green” shipyards. Additionally, more than a dozen others are in the process of adopting green practices, according to the minister.

Minister Shahab Uddin highlighted that although the ship breaking industry significantly benefits the country’s economy, everyone must work together to ensure its impact on the environment is positive. He stressed the importance of worker safety and health, emphasizing the need for technical support for the workers. He also mentioned the importance of identifying and addressing environmental risks to further develop this growing industry. The minister believes that all stakeholders need to collaborate for sustainable and environmentally conscious economic growth.

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The workshop was chaired by Dr. Abdul Hamid, the director general of the DoE. Other special guests included Zakia Sultana, Secretary to the Industry, and Dr. Farhina Ahmed, Secretary to the Environment.

The workshop featured a presentation on the current state of ship dismantling’s environmental management in Bangladesh by Masud Iqbal Md. Shameem, Director of Environmental Compliance and Control at the DoE. Captain Md. Anam Chowdhury, an advisor from the Bangladesh Ship Breakers and Recyclers Association, discussed the current practices in ship breaking and their plans for future development.

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