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Houthi Drone Swarm Attacked Red Sea Shipping: HMS Richmond Shot Down Two

Houthi Drone Swarm Attacked Red Sea Shipping: HMS Richmond Shot Down Two

Houthi Drone Swarm Attacked Red Sea Shipping: HMS Richmond Shot Down Two

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the event:

Houthi Drone Attack:

  • Early Saturday morning, Houthi rebels launched a major drone attack in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.
  • They claimed to have sent 37 drones targeting US warships and a commercial vessel.
  • The US Central Command estimated at least 28 drones were downed by US and allied forces.

HMS Richmond’s Role:

  • A British Royal Navy frigate, HMS Richmond, participated in defending against the attack.
  • The warship used its Sea Ceptor missiles to successfully shoot down two Houthi drones.
  • Thankfully, there were no reported injuries or damage on allied ships.

International Response:

  • UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps praised HMS Richmond’s crew and condemned the Houthis’ illegal actions.
  • He emphasized the UK’s commitment to protecting freedom of navigation and innocent lives in the region.
  • The Ministry of Defence also commended the crew’s exemplary response and highlighted the UK’s resolve to take necessary actions.

The Situation:

  • This incident highlights the ongoing tensions in the Red Sea, with Houthi rebels posing a threat to international shipping.
  • The US and its allies, including the UK, are actively working to deter such attacks and ensure safe passage through the crucial waterway.

This is a more comprehensive explanation of the event, providing context and the different perspectives involved.

Overnight on Saturday, as the Red Sea became a battleground, a Royal Navy frigate called HMS Richmond stepped up to the challenge. Using its Sea Ceptor missiles, it successfully took down two attack drones that were part of a sustained assault by Houthi forces, backed by Iran.

Grant Shapps, the UK’s defense secretary, proudly shared this accomplishment on X, highlighting HMS Richmond’s crucial role in thwarting the hostile actions. He emphasized the ongoing commitment of the UK and its allies to safeguard lives and ensure freedom of navigation in these crucial maritime routes.

According to the Ministry of Defence, HMS Richmond, alongside international partners, effectively repelled the Houthi drone attack without any casualties or damage to ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. The crew of HMS Richmond received praise for their exemplary response to the situation, underscoring the UK’s steadfast determination to protect innocent lives and maintain global economic stability.

Meanwhile, the US Central Command reported a significant defensive effort against the Houthi threat. US military and coalition forces managed to intercept a total of 28 Houthi drones over the Red Sea during the same period. The attack, described as “large-scale,” posed a direct danger to merchant vessels, US navy ships, and coalition vessels operating in the area.

Houthi rebels, on the other hand, boasted about orchestrating one of their most substantial assaults on US ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. They claimed responsibility for dispatching 37 drones to target US navy warships and a commercial vessel, the Singapore-flagged Propel Fortune.


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