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How used machineries from recycled ship can be useful?

How used machineries from recycled ship can be useful?
How used machineries from recycled ship can be useful?

If our vehicles sometime go out of order on road, our mind raises many questions like, how we will reach destination, what will happen to our vehicle now. Think that, we are on road and having rich communication devises and source of services available. But on other hand just think that, if you run a ship and at mid ocean, sea if engine goes out of order, some important parts fail which affects running condition of ship, what it may happen at mid sea? It’s really difficult to get parts, machineries replaced with faulty part even though you have experts on board. Mostly ship owners prefers to replace original spares and it may come from end-of-life ships.

Today we are going to talk about used, reconditioned, second-hand ship machinery, spares. To replace faulty parts of ships, most of the shipping companies and ship owners prefers to obtain reconditioned, used or second-hand ship parts.

Again, question will raise, from where we can get such reconditioned, used or second-hand ship machineries? Obviously it may come from end of life ship. Alang, Chittagong, Gadani ship yards of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are the major source of such type of old, reconditioned, used ship machineries, where 80% of total end of life ships sends for recycling purpose.

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Ships are large, complex vehicles which must be self-sustaining in their environment for long periods with a high degree of reliability. Here we explain cargo ships’ main propulsion machinery, steering, anchoring and ship securing, cargo handling, air conditioning, power generation and distribution, and many more auxiliaries that are required to run a vessel.

The detailed description of many machinery types with diagrams for working principles, construction, operation & maintenance can provide some useful reference to ship engineers and people working ashore. Ship breaking yards are the primary source to obtain secondhanded machinery for marine and industrial usage.

India’s Alang, Bangladesh’s Chittagong, Pakistan’s Gadani ship breaking yards scrapping nearly 80% end of life ships sending for recycling. It generates a huge amount of machinery and parts of various segments.

Ships built in America, Britain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Greece, Japan, China, Korea and remaining different part of the world are coming for recycling, which gives opportunity for availability of wide range and make available products of almost all manufacturers.

Ship owners sending their end-of-life ships for recycling, and within such ships many kinds of machineries still are in working condition and having further considerable life span and possibilities to re-use in other ships or domestic industries. Machinery is the most important element in ship.

So, when a ship is scrapped, what happens to its machinery? Most of is salvaged for sale as second-hand units and parts for re-use, which fetch significantly higher price than scrap and that grants ship recycling industry a kind of support to feasibility.

Price of second-hand machinery depends upon its model, availability, condition. When end of life ships enters in an international recycling market, end buyers evaluate any ship for purchase, always take in to consideration its machinery, spares on board etc.

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