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IHM can minimize risk in ship recycling

IHM can minimize risk in ship recycling
IHM can minimize risk in ship recycling

The EU Ship Recycling Regulation, which came into force on December 31, 2020, applies to all in-service ships of 500 gross tonnage (GT) or more calling at any EU port or anchorage, regardless of their flag. This regulation requires these vessels to have a valid and certified Inventory Hazardous Materials (IHM) on board.

The same requirement also applies under the UK Ship Recycling Regulation (UK SRR) after the UK’s exit from the EU.

The IHM is a structured system that helps control hazardous materials on ships and ensures compliance with both the EU SRR and the Hong Kong Convention (HKC) for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships.

Having a comprehensive IHM is important because it helps minimize risk, potential liabilities, and enhances the safety of ship crews. It achieves this by identifying, recording, and controlling hazardous materials on board ships, in line with existing and upcoming legislation.

By implementing an IHM and complying with ship recycling regulations, ship owners can demonstrate their commitment to safe and environmentally sound practices at the end of a ship’s life.

Lloyd’s Register (LR) is a reputable provider of IHM services that offers global service delivery to both LR and non-LR classed ships. LR has been providing inventory certification services since 2004 and has worked with thousands of ships in both new construction and in-service phases.

LR’s IHM services include approval, verification, and certification to ensure compliance with EU and HK legislation for both newbuilds and existing ships. They have a database of independently LR approved Hazardous Material Expert companies who can assist with IHM compilation and hazardous materials sampling/testing services. LR has checked and approved the procedures and operations of approximately 40 such companies.

LR also provides an easily editable IHM template that aligns with legislative requirements, allowing for straightforward compilation and maintenance of the IHM.

Throughout the process, LR experts, including their dedicated IHM Approval Teams and onboard surveyors, assist ship owners at every step, from desktop approval to onboard verification and certification.

LR issues statutory certificates against EU SRR for EU-flagged ships and Statement of Compliance for non-EU flagged ships, including the UK. Additionally, they can also issue a Statement of Compliance against HKC at no additional charge.


  1. If an IHM is developed AND certified by the same entity it is a conflict of interest. Any classification society has to avoid this. We know that many have developed ‘service departments’, but it’s still a questionable approach.

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