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Indian Navy Steps Up in the Gulf of Aden: Rendering Aid and Assistance to Vessels in Distress

Indian Navy Steps Up in the Gulf of Aden: Rendering Aid and Assistance to Vessels in Distress

Indian Navy Steps Up in the Gulf of Aden: Rendering Aid and Assistance to Vessels in Distress

Amidst recent attacks on cargo ships in the Gulf of Aden, the Indian Navy has once again stepped up to the plate, demonstrating its commitment to maritime security and regional cooperation.

In a series of incidents involving attacks on cargo ships, the Indian Navy sprang into action once more when the Iranian Fishing Vessel known as FV Al Arifi sent out a distress signal. Responding to this call for help, the Indian Naval vessel INS Shivalik Mission, operating in the waters of the Gulf of Aden, provided medical assistance, including vital supplies, to 18 Pakistani crew members onboard the fishing vessel.

The deployment of INS Shivalik in this region aligns with India’s Navy mission of Maritime Security Operations, as outlined in the Prime Minister’s vision called Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR). This isn’t the first time the Indian Navy has come to the aid of distressed vessels.

Responding to a distress call from the Iranian fishing vessel FV Al Arifi, the Indian naval ship INS Shivalik, currently deployed in the region, provided crucial medical assistance to the 18 Pakistani crew members onboard. This act of swift aid exemplifies the Indian Navy’s dedication to ensuring the well-being of seafarers in distress, regardless of their nationality.

This deployment aligns with the Indian Navy’s mandate under the Prime Minister’s vision of “Security and Growth for All in the Region” (SAGAR). This initiative emphasizes collaboration and assistance to maintain maritime stability and foster economic prosperity within the region.

The Indian Navy’s recent activities in the Gulf of Aden highlight its proactive role in safeguarding maritime security:

  • Earlier in February: Another Indian naval vessel deployed in the North Arabian Sea provided damage control support to the Iranian fishing vessel Ameen, which suffered extensive damage, including a hull breach.
  • January 2024: INS Sumitra successfully rescued a hijacked Iranian fishing vessel named Al Naeemi with 19 Pakistani crew members off the coast of Somalia.
  • Also in January: INS Visakhapatnam’s firefighting team effectively controlled a fire on the merchant vessel Marlin Luanda. The Indian Navy’s swift collaboration with the crew helped ensure the flames were quickly extinguished.

These recent actions demonstrate the Indian Navy’s unwavering commitment to upholding maritime security, providing humanitarian assistance, and fostering regional cooperation in the Gulf of Aden.

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