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Memorable Farewell for ICGS Sangram: Honoring 26 Years of Remarkable Maritime Service

Memorable Farewell for ICGS Sangram: Honoring 26 Years of Remarkable Maritime Service

Memorable Farewell for ICGS Sangram: Honoring 26 Years of Remarkable Maritime Service

The Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) Sangram, a veteran among Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessels (AOPVs) in the Indian Coast Guard fleet, bid farewell after an impressive 26-year service journey. This historic moment unfolded at a poignant sunset ceremony hosted at Mole Berth, Mormugao Port. Commanded by DIG Vijay Singh, TM, ICGS Sangram saw its last day of active service, a day filled with memories and recognition.

Inspector General AK Harbola, TM, Commander Coast Guard Region (NW), graced the occasion as the chief guest, bringing with him a unique connection to the ship, having led it from 2013 to 2014. The ceremony was not just a somber occasion but a celebration of Sangram’s remarkable service, evident through the display of memorabilia showcasing the vessel’s journey and its various achievements. The ceremony was attended by senior officers, veterans, and civil dignitaries, all paying their respects to the ship that had served the nation so faithfully.

ICGS Sangram had a significant history, commissioned on March 29, 1997, in Goa by Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat, PVSM, AVSM, ADC, who was the Chief of Naval Staff at that time. The ship was initially based in Mumbai and operated under the operational command of the Commander Coast Guard Region (West). Throughout its illustrious career, Sangram took part in a multitude of operations, including anti-poaching efforts, search and rescue missions, and medical evacuations. In 2021, it was rebased in Goa under the administrative control of District Headquarter No-11.

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The name “Sangram,” meaning ‘Battle,’ was a fitting representation of the Indian Coast Guard’s determination and commitment to safeguard the nation’s maritime interests within the Maritime Zones of India. Sangram was an impressive vessel, measuring 101 meters in length and weighing 1,888 tonnes. Over the course of its service, the ship sailed for more than 3,000 days, covering all the maritime zones of India.

The decommissioning ceremony was a poignant affair, with an impressive guard of honor and the lowering of the Coast Guard Ensign from the ship for the final time. In a symbolic gesture, the decommissioning pendant, equal in length to the ship, was also lowered. The event was graced by the presence of previous Commanding Officers and a number of officers and enlisted personnel who had served on board throughout the years.

The Commanding Officer, DIG Vijay Singh, TM, presented the decommissioning report to the Chief Guest, IG AK Harbola, TM, marking the official end of ICGS Sangram’s active service.

During his address to the gathered audience, Chief Guest IG AK Harbola, TM, Commander Coast Guard Region (NW), underlined the immense contribution of ICGS Sangram to the Indian Coast Guard and the nation. He took the opportunity to share cherished memories of his tenure aboard the vessel, bringing a personal touch to the proceedings.

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In essence, the decommissioning of ICGS Sangram is a tribute to the years of dedicated service, unwavering commitment, and the countless missions the ship undertook to protect India’s maritime interests. This vessel, with its rich history, played a pivotal role in the Indian Coast Guard’s efforts to safeguard the nation’s coastlines and ensure the safety and security of our waters. During the ceremony, an impressive guard of honour was given and Coast Guard Ensign was hauled down from the ship for the last time. Soon after the decommissioning pendant, which is equal to the length of the ship was lowered. The previous Commanding Officers along with a number of Officer’s and EPs, who have served onboard, were present for the event.

Over the course of its 26-year journey, ICGS Sangram became more than just a vessel; it became a symbol of courage and dedication. Its legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of all those who served on board and in the annals of India’s maritime history. As the sun set on the decommissioning ceremony, it marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one in the Indian Coast Guard’s enduring commitment to protecting the nation’s maritime interests.

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