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Minor Fire on the World’s Largest Cruise Ship “Icon of the Seas”

Minor Fire on the World's Largest Cruise Ship "Icon of the Seas"

Minor Fire on the World’s Largest Cruise Ship “Icon of the Seas”

On Tuesday, there was a scare aboard the Icon of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship. A fire broke out while the ship was docked in Costa Maya, Mexico, causing a brief power outage.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident, which the Royal Caribbean spokesperson characterized as a “minor” blaze. The fire crews on board quickly extinguished the flames, and backup power systems kicked in to restore power shortly after. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Despite the incident, the Icon of the Seas will continue on its scheduled journey. The next stop is Cozumel, Mexico, according to CruiseMapper.

The Colossal Icon of the Seas

The Icon of the Seas set sail for the first time in January from Miami. This behemoth of a cruise ship stretches 1,200 feet in length and can accommodate up to 5,610 passengers across its 20 decks. The massive vessel boasts a crew of 2,350 to ensure smooth operation for its guests.

A Ship Packed with Fun

Passengers won’t be bored onboard the Icon of the Seas. The ship features a variety of activities, including:

  • Seven pools, featuring the title of “largest pool at sea” for one.
  • The world’s largest waterpark at sea, complete with six thrilling waterslides.
  • Nine whirlpools for relaxation.
  • A rock climbing wall to challenge the adventurous.
  • Royal Caribbean’s first-ever food hall, offering a diverse range of culinary options.
  • A beach-themed carousel for a touch of whimsy.
  • It’s an arcade for some classic video game fun.
  • A mini-golf course to test your putting skills.

Passengers won’t be bored for a second on this floating entertainment complex. The Icon of the Seas boasts a staggering seven pools, including the title of “largest pool at sea.” It also holds the distinction of having the “world’s largest waterpark at sea,” featuring six thrilling waterslides and nine whirlpools.

If you’re looking for activities beyond the water, there’s a rock climbing wall to challenge your adventurous spirit. Foodies will rejoice at Royal Caribbean’s first-ever food hall on a ship. Themed experiences abound, with a beach-themed carousel for a touch of whimsy, an arcade for some classic fun, and even a mini-golf course for friendly competition.

Dining and Entertainment Options Galore

Foodies will be delighted with the over 20 restaurants onboard, catering to various tastes and preferences. Additionally, there are more than 15 bars and “nightlife experiences” spread across the ship’s eight distinct “neighbourhoods.” These include options like a karaoke bar, perfect for letting loose and belting out your favourite tunes.

Mixed Reactions to the Ship’s Design

While the Icon of the Seas offers a seemingly endless array of amenities, the ship’s design has garnered mixed reactions. When pictures first surfaced, some people expressed strong dislike, using terms like “monstrosity,” “nightmare,” and even “human lasagna” to describe the colossal vessel.

On the other hand, Royal Caribbean president Jason Liberty enthusiastically dubbed it the “biggest, baddest ship on the planet.” Bookings for the Icon of the Seas opened in October 2023, and Royal Caribbean reported its strongest sales day in its entire 53-year history, highlighting the appeal of this massive cruise liner for many.

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