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National maritime heritage complex will attract tourists

National maritime heritage complex will attract tourists

The National Maritime Heritage Complex (NMHC) in Lothal, Gujarat, is a significant project under the Sagarmala program initiated by the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways in India. The complex aims to showcase India’s maritime heritage from ancient to modern times and promote awareness of the country’s rich maritime legacy. It is designed to become an international tourist destination, contributing to the economic development of the region.

The NMHC will feature several standout attractions. One of these is the world’s highest lighthouse museum, offering visitors a panoramic view of the maritime landscape. This museum will provide insights into the importance of lighthouses and their role in maritime navigation.

Another highlight of the complex is the world’s largest open aquatic gallery, which will showcase diverse marine life and emphasize the significance of oceanic ecosystems. Through interactive displays and exhibits, visitors will learn about the importance of preserving and protecting marine biodiversity.

The NMHC will also house India’s grandest naval museum, presenting the evolution and significance of the country’s naval forces. This museum will feature captivating exhibits and interactive displays, offering a comprehensive understanding of India’s naval history.

To provide educational and entertainment experiences, the complex will have a Lothal mini recreation area, providing insights into the architectural and lifestyle aspects of the Harappan civilization. Additionally, there will be four theme parks: Memorial, Maritime and Navy, Climate, and Adventure and Amusement. These parks will offer attractions and activities centered around various aspects of maritime history and culture.

Within the complex, fourteen galleries will be dedicated to showcasing India’s maritime heritage, spanning from the Harappan era to the present day. Each gallery will provide a comprehensive and engaging exploration of different historical periods, allowing visitors to delve into the maritime history of India.

Furthermore, a Coastal States Pavilion will be established to celebrate the diverse maritime heritage of India’s states and union territories. This pavilion will highlight their unique contributions to the country’s maritime history, fostering a sense of pride and identity among visitors.

Overall, the NMHC in Lothal aims to create a state-of-the-art facility that combines education, entertainment, and heritage preservation. By offering immersive experiences and a wide range of attractions, it aspires to become one of the world’s largest international tourist destinations, attracting visitors from around the globe and boosting tourism in the region.

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