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Navigating Toward Safety and Excellence: Leela Group’s Dedication to Training and  Innovation

Navigating Toward Safety and Excellence: Leela Group's Dedication to Training and  Innovation

In the world of ship recycling, where each vessel carries stories of the sea, the Leela Group of  Ship Recycling Yards has embarked on a remarkable voyage. This journey is reshaping not  only safety but also competence, adherence to regulations, and sustainability. At the core of  this transformation are comprehensive training programs designed to empower employees and  elevate the entire ship recycling process to meet international standards. In this article, we delve  into how these training initiatives not only ensure a safer working environment but also position  Leela Group as a pioneering force in the industry.  

A Glimpse of Hope for Alang Industry: Ship recycling Picks Up Pace in September

A Safer Horizon  

Safety is non-negotiable for Leela Group, and they reaffirm this commitment by investing in a  wide range of training programs. These programs encompass various aspects, from basic first  aid and CPR to the complexities of hazardous material handling. They equip employees with  the essential skills to tackle any situation:

First Aid, Including CPR, AED, and Choking Training: Immediate response to emergencies  can save lives. Employees are proficient in critical first aid, proficient in operating Automated  External Defibrillators (AEDs), and skilled in assisting with choking incidents.  

Firefighting and Rescue: Given the potential fire risks at ship recycling yards, rigorous  firefighting training ensures that teams are well-prepared to handle and prevent fires  effectively. 

Crane and Lifting Operation Training: The safe operation of heavy machinery, such as cranes,  is paramount to prevent accidents and ensure seamless operations.  

Work at Heights and Confined Space Training: Recognizing the challenging work  environments, employees receive specialized training to work safely at elevated heights and in  confined spaces.  

A Glimpse of Hope for Alang Industry: Ship recycling Picks Up Pace in September

IHM and Hazardous Material Awareness Training: Proficiency in understanding and handling  hazardous materials is critical for employee safety and environmental protection.  

Soft Skills Development Training: Effective communication, teamwork, and problem-solving  skills are honed through soft skills training, fostering a collaborative work culture.  

Personal Survival Techniques and Water Rescue Training: Employees are well-prepared for  emergencies at sea, promoting safety and confidence during ship recycling operations.  

Training in Environmental Monitoring: Compliance with environmental regulations is  paramount. Training ensures that employees actively contribute to the company’s commitment  to environmental stewardship.  

ISO Standards Internal and Lead Auditor Courses: Training in ISO standards helps maintain  high-quality processes and compliance with international standards.  

Firefighting Utilizing Virtual Reality: Leveraging technology through virtual reality enhances  firefighting skills, allowing employees to practice in a controlled and immersive environment.  

Train the Trainer Courses: Developing in-house trainers ensures the dissemination of  knowledge within the organization, fostering a culture of continuous learning.  

Incident Investigation and Risk Management Training: Learning from past incidents and  proactively managing risks are pivotal for safety and growth.  

Safety Management and Audit Training: Robust safety management systems and regular audits  are crucial for maintaining high safety standards.  

Vertical Rope and Confined Space Rescue Training: Preparing employees for challenging  rescue situations is vital.  

Disaster Management Training: Teams are equipped to respond efficiently during disasters,  minimizing potential risks.  

Competence Beyond Comparison  

These training initiatives not only ensure a safer environment but also propel employees toward  unmatched competence, setting them apart within the industry. Their proficiency results in  superior work quality, enhanced safety, and strict adherence to international standards such as  the Hong Kong Convention (HKC), EUSRR, and ship owner requirements.  

Preparation for the Future  

The ship recycling industry is in a constant state of evolution, with new regulations,  technologies, and sustainability expectations. Leela Group’s investment in training ensures that  they are well-prepared for the future. Their skilled workforce seamlessly adapts to changing  industry dynamics, contributing to growth and sustainability. 

A Culture of Lifelong Learning  

Leela Group encourages employees to embrace lifelong learning. Many have successfully  completed internationally recognized qualifications such as IOSH MS, NEBOSH IGC, or  NEBOSH IDip. Additionally, they regularly undertake courses from platforms like Swayam or  NPTEL, offered by prestigious institutions like IITs and IISc in India.  

In-House Expertise  

Leela Group has identified 12 regular in-house training programs tailored to employees’ job  roles. In addition to these programs, they also focus on enhancing proficiency in advanced  Microsoft Excel, developing cutting plans, dismantling sequences, weight estimations, and  mastering Integrated Management Systems.  

In conclusion, investing in comprehensive employee training is not an expense but an  investment in safety, competence, compliance, and a sustainable future. Leela Group of Ship  Recycling Yards’ top management recognizes the value of skilled and knowledgeable  employees, ensuring that their ship recycling yards remain at the forefront of the industry,  setting high standards for safety, quality, and environmental responsibility. Leela Group of  Ship Recycling Yards stands as a beacon of excellence in the ship recycling industry. Their  commitment to training, safety, competence, and sustainability not only fulfils the company’s  mission and vision but also sets a benchmark for the ship recycling industry. This commitment  benefits not only the company but also the industry, creating a safer and more sustainable ship  recycling landscape.  

Authors: Vishaal Raj Soni (CEO) and Prabhat Kumar (VP-HSEQ/Naval Arch), Leela Group  of Ship Recycling Yards

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