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Norwegian cruise line changed itinerary

Norwegian cruise line changed itinerary

It appears that Norwegian Cruise Line has made significant revisions to the itinerary of the Norwegian Star for the October 10, 2024 sailing. Instead of visiting seven ports in Ireland as originally planned, the ship will now visit seven ports in seven different countries, excluding Ireland entirely.

According to the notification email sent to impacted guests and travel partners, the itinerary changes were made due to recently imposed restrictions in Ireland. These restrictions prevent tendering operations from October through April, which likely affected the cruise line’s ability to maintain the original itinerary.

The revised 10-night cruise will now include visits to Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Oslo (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), Berlin (Germany), and Helsingborg (Sweden). While the new itinerary offers a different cultural and geographical experience, it no longer focuses on Irish culture, history, and natural beauty as originally intended.

It’s important for affected guests to review the details of the revised itinerary provided by Norwegian Cruise Line and to reach out to the cruise line or their travel partners for any necessary clarifications or adjustments to their travel plans.

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