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Paradip Port Authority Emerges as India’s Cargo King

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Paradip Port Authority Emerges as India’s Cargo King

The Paradip Port Authority (PPA) has shattered a longstanding record, becoming India’s number one cargo handler in fiscal year 2023-24. This impressive feat, marking the first time Paradip surpassed Deendayal Port in total cargo volume, is a testament to years of dedicated effort and strategic development.

This achievement isn’t just about numbers. It reflects the tireless work of the port’s management team and their commitment to infrastructure improvements. Paradip Port’s historic milestone extends beyond simply being the largest cargo handler. It also cements its position as a crucial coastal shipping hub, playing a vital role in India’s maritime trade.

The port’s success story is built on a foundation of growth. Compared to the previous year, Paradip witnessed a surge of 10.02 million metric tonnes (a 7.4% increase) in cargo handling. This significant rise can be attributed to the port’s ongoing expansion of shipping facilities and the creation of new infrastructure. Additionally, Paradip achieved a remarkable milestone by achieving the highest berth productivity (cargo handled per berth) in the nation – a staggering 33,014 metric tonnes. This accomplishment is a direct result of the port authority’s commitment to implementing various system improvement measures.

Sustainability is also a top priority for the Paradip Port Authority. Demonstrating their commitment to a greener future, they’ve actively promoted the use of eco-friendly technologies and sustainable development practices. Over the past year, the port has planted an impressive 200,000 saplings, with a goal of reaching 1 million trees planted by 2025. This initiative will create a significant environmental impact. Furthermore, the port has ambitious plans for a 10 MW solar power plant – a project that would make Paradip the first port in India to operate entirely on renewable energy.

The Paradip Port Authority’s unwavering focus on infrastructure development and operational efficiency has propelled them to the forefront of India’s cargo handling scene. This achievement transcends mere cargo volume. It signifies Paradip’s growing stature as a coastal shipping hub and a key contributor to India’s economic prosperity.

This accomplishment highlights the dedication of the port management team and the continuous development of port infrastructure. It not only signifies Paradip Port as the leading cargo handler in the country but also underscores its emerging role as a pivotal hub for coastal shipping.

Throughout the fiscal year, the port demonstrated substantial growth, recording an increase of 10.02 million metric tonnes (7.4%) compared to the previous year. This growth can be attributed to the expansion of shipping facilities and the introduction of new infrastructure. Moreover, the port achieved a remarkable milestone in enhancing berth productivity, with the capability to handle 33014 metric tonnes of cargo at a productivity rate of 33014 MT, the highest among all ports in the country.

The attainment of this feat is the culmination of various measures implemented by the port management team to enhance system efficiency. Furthermore, the Paradip Port Authority has prioritized environmental sustainability by adopting green technologies. In the past year alone, the port has planted 2 lakh saplings, with plans to reach a total of 1 million tree plantations by 2025. Additionally, the port aims to establish a 10 MW solar power plant to sustain its operations, positioning it as the first port in the country to operate entirely on renewable energy.

The relentless efforts of the Paradip Port Authority in investing in infrastructure development and optimizing operational efficiency have propelled it to the forefront of cargo handling in the country. This achievement not only signifies an increase in cargo volume but also underscores the port’s pivotal role in coastal shipping and its contribution to the nation’s economic growth.

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