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Paradip Port Authority Sets Historic Cargo Handling Record in First 100 Days of FY 2024-25

Paradip Port Authority Sets Historic Cargo Handling Record in First 100 Days of FY 2024-25

Paradip Port Authority Sets Historic Cargo Handling Record in First 100 Days of FY 2024-25

The Paradip Port Authority (PPA) has etched a remarkable milestone in its operational history by achieving an unprecedented cargo handling volume of 41.12 Million Metric Tons (MMT) within the first 100 days of the fiscal year 2024-25. This stellar performance shatters previous records and signifies a significant 4.78% growth compared to the 39.25 MMT handled during the same period in the prior fiscal year (FY 2023-24).

This achievement underscores the critical role that Paradip Port plays in bolstering India’s maritime infrastructure. It serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the port authority to enhance operational efficiency and capacity, ultimately contributing to the nation’s economic growth.

Visionary Leadership and Strategic Direction Fuel Growth

The phenomenal success of Paradip Port can be attributed in part to the dynamic leadership and visionary guidance of Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, the Union Minister for Ports, Shipping and Waterways. Under his stewardship, the PPA has surpassed its previous benchmarks, showcasing a remarkable trajectory of growth and operational efficiency.

PPA Chairman, P.L. Haranadh, expressed his profound gratitude to the Minister, acknowledging his unwavering support and strategic direction as instrumental in achieving this monumental success. This collaboration between visionary leadership and dedicated port authority personnel has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in propelling Paradip Port to new heights.

Paradip Port: A Driving Force for India’s Economic Growth

The record-breaking cargo handling volume achieved by Paradip Port signifies its ongoing commitment to setting new standards in the maritime industry. As a crucial gateway for international trade, the port plays a significant role in facilitating the import and export of goods, thereby contributing significantly to India’s economic growth.

Looking Ahead: Continued Expansion and Development

Paradip Port Authority remains dedicated to further expanding its capabilities and continually improving the services it offers. This includes investments in infrastructure development, technological advancements to streamline operations, and fostering a skilled workforce to maintain its position at the forefront of India’s maritime sector. By prioritizing these aspects, the PPA will continue to support the nation’s maritime infrastructure and act as a catalyst for economic development.

Diverse Cargo Flows Through Paradip Port

Paradip Port, a frontrunner in India’s cargo handling scene, deals with a wide range of products. Let’s delve into the specifics of what this bustling port handles:

Dry Bulk Cargo:

  • Minerals and Metals: Paradip excels in handling minerals and metals. Iron Ore, a key export, finds its way to international markets through this port. Chrome Ore, Coking Coal, Manganese Ore, and Ferro Alloys also feature prominently.
  • Coal: Thermal Coal, crucial for power generation, is efficiently managed by Paradip’s state-of-the-art mechanized handling plant.
  • Fertilizers and Raw Materials: The port caters to the fertilizer industry by handling finished fertilizers and Fertilizer Raw Materials (FRM).
  • Construction Materials: Limestone, Clinker, and Gypsum, essential for construction activities, are also handled at Paradip.
  • Other Dry Cargo: Project cargo, encompassing oversized or complex structures for industrial projects, is another area of expertise for the port.

Other Cargo:

  • Containers: Paradip handles containerized cargo to a limited extent, supporting industries like steel, marine products, and containers with refrigerated cargo (reefer containers).
  • Liquid Cargo: While not a major focus, Paradip also has facilities for handling Crude Oil and Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants (POL) products.

Paradip’s Infrastructure Advantage:

The port boasts a well-equipped infrastructure that enables it to handle this diverse cargo mix efficiently. Specialized berths cater to specific cargo types, like the Iron Ore Handling Plant and the Mechanized Coal Handling Plant. Deep channels allow for large vessels, and a well-maintained railway system facilitates cargo movement within India.


The record-breaking cargo handling performance achieved by Paradip Port in the first 100 days of FY 2024-25 stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence. With continued dedication to operational efficiency, strategic leadership, and ongoing development, Paradip Port is poised to play an increasingly vital role in propelling India’s maritime industry and fostering national economic prosperity.


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