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Riviera Makes a Grand Splash as the Cruise Season Ends in Mangalore

Riviera Makes a Grand Splash as the Cruise Season Ends in Mangalore

Riviera Makes a Grand Splash as the Cruise Season Ends in Mangalore

The curtain closed on a successful cruise season in Mangalore with the arrival of the impressive Riviera, the ninth and final international cruise ship to grace the port this year. This grand vessel holds the distinction of carrying the most passengers since the pandemic began, marking a significant return to normalcy for tourism in the region.

Riviera, sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands, arrived at New Mangalore Port on Tuesday morning with a whopping 1,141 passengers and 752 crew members on board. This turnout dwarfs the numbers seen in the past two years, highlighting the growing confidence of travellers. Before arriving in Mangalore, the ship had made a stop in Cochin, and after departing, it set sail for Mormugao Port, completing its itinerary.

The 2023-24 cruise season kicked off in November last year with the arrival of MS Europa 2, a much smaller ship carrying 271 passengers. The New Mangalore Port Authority (NMPA) anticipated the surge in visitors and made elaborate arrangements to ensure a memorable experience for everyone.

Tourists disembarking from the Riviera had the chance to explore the rich cultural and historical tapestry of Mangalore. Among the popular destinations were the magnificent Karkala Gommateshwara Basadi, the intricate 1000 Pillar Basadi in Moodbidri, the sprawling cashew processing facility at Achal, and the serene Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara Temple. For those seeking a taste of local life, bustling markets and traditional Mangalore homes were also on the itinerary. As a parting gift, departing passengers received souvenirs to commemorate their visit.

The warm hospitality of Mangalore was on full display upon arrival. Lively tunes from the local brass band and captivating performances by Yakshagana artists created a truly immersive experience. The NMPA ensured a smooth experience for passengers with dedicated customs counters for medical checks, expedited immigration processes, and readily available transportation options including buses, taxis, and even Wi-Fi access.

Riviera’s arrival marked a triumphant end to the cruise season, leaving a positive mark on both tourism and the local economy. It signifies a strong revival for the industry and paves the way for an even more vibrant season in the year to come.

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