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RJ MacIsaac Achieves Historic Certification from Lloyd’s Register for International Ship Recycling Standards

RJ MacIsaac Achieves Historic Certification from Lloyd’s Register for International Ship Recycling Standards

RJ MacIsaac Achieves Historic Certification from Lloyd’s Register for International Ship Recycling Standards

In a landmark achievement, Nova Scotia-based recycling facility R.J. MacIsaac (RJMI) has received certification from Lloyd’s Register (LR) in accordance with the rigorous standards outlined by the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. This milestone makes RJMI the first Canadian facility to be issued a Statement of Compliance (SoC) to the Hong Kong Convention, set to take effect in June 2025.

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Upholding Stringent Standards

To secure this recognition, RJMI underwent a comprehensive evaluation, showcasing its commitment to surpassing the stringent conditions mandated by the convention. The certification process scrutinized environmental protection measures, workforce safety protocols, and emergency preparedness systems. LR, in its evaluation, also confirmed that the company is aligning its operations with robust environmental, social, and corporate governance policies.

The Hong Kong Convention, established in 2009 under the auspices of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), aims to mitigate the potential risks posed by ship recycling to both human health and the environment. It primarily focuses on ensuring the safety and environmental conditions within ship recycling facilities, along with proper handling of hazardous materials present in the vessels slated for recycling.

Industry Acknowledgment

Hakan Erkal, a senior surveyor at LR’s Dartmouth office in Nova Scotia, played a crucial role in overseeing the certification process. He commended RJMI’s commitment to meeting the high safety standards required by the international convention, highlighting the significance of the company’s dedication as an industry first in Canada. Erkal emphasized the positive trend of shipyards like RJMI proactively seeking certification, especially with the imminent entry into force of the Hong Kong Convention in less than two years.

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A Commitment to Excellence

Boyd MacIsaac, President of RJMI, expressed pride in the accomplishment, attributing it to the company’s unwavering focus on continuous improvement in safety, environmental protection, and operational efficiency. MacIsaac emphasized that obtaining international certifications is a testament to their determination to be at the forefront of green marine ship recycling in Canada. Meeting and exceeding international standards positions RJMI not only as a competitive player within Canada but also on the global stage.

Notable Achievements in Ship Recycling

RJMI has solidified its position as an industry leader through its successful deconstruction of various vessels, including the notable Deep Panuke Offshore Gas Production Platform. Additionally, the company has efficiently handled recycling projects for a range of Canadian government vessels, spanning from warships to ferries, at its facilities in Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia. Presently, RJMI is actively engaged in the disassembly and recycling of the former Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) Hudson.

Setting the Standard for Sustainable Ship Recycling

RJMI’s groundbreaking achievement signifies a pivotal moment for the Canadian ship recycling industry. By aligning with the Hong Kong Convention’s stringent standards, the facility not only ensures compliance with international regulations but also sets a precedent for environmentally responsible and safe ship recycling practices. As the first Canadian entity to obtain the Statement of Compliance, RJMI is poised to be a beacon for others in the industry, showcasing the importance of upholding the highest standards in safety, environmental protection, and efficiency.

The Road Ahead

With the entry into force of the Hong Kong Convention drawing nearer, RJMI’s proactive approach in seeking and obtaining certification underscores the industry’s commitment to responsible and sustainable practices. The recognition from LR serves as a testament to the continuous evolution and improvement within the ship recycling sector. RJMI’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve not only reinforces its position in the Canadian market but also enables it to compete effectively on the global stage.

In conclusion, R.J. MacIsaac’s certification from Lloyd’s Register as the first Canadian facility to meet the standards of the Hong Kong International Convention reflects a commendable commitment to excellence. This achievement not only positions RJMI as a leader in the Canadian ship recycling landscape but also contributes to the global effort towards safer and environmentally conscious practices in the maritime industry. As the industry looks towards the impending enforcement of the Hong Kong Convention, RJMI stands as a shining example of proactive adherence to international standards, ensuring a sustainable and responsible future for ship recycling.

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