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Ro Pax ferry changed socio-economic scenario of Saurashtra-South Gujarat

Ro Pax ferry changed socio-economic scenario of Saurashtra-South Gujarat
A good example of how India’s 7500 km long coastline can be used for passenger and freight transport is the Ropax ferry service running between Ghogha and Hazira.
Ro-Ro ferry service running from Ghogha port in Bhavnagar district to Hazira port in Surat district is proving to be very convenient and convenient for passengers and goods transportation.
Bhavnagar and Surat of Gujarat are twin cities in terms of social and business employment. But the road distance between these two cities is 360 km. That is, people have to travel six to seven hours from these two cities to go to each other by road. Also, the risk of road accidents is most imminent.
India’s visionary Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi had a dream of starting a waterway Ro-Ro ferry service between Ghogha in Bhavnagar district and Hazira in Surat district and has made it a reality. The entire Saurashtra and South Gujarat have come closer to each other thanks to the ongoing Ro Ro ferry service between Ghogha and Hazira.
People from Saurashtra have settled in South Gujarat for business employment but they are still socially connected to Saurashtra. During the festivals people of Saurashtra leave Surat and come to their native Saurashtra. For this they had to use the road earlier. But now as the option of Roro ferry service is available by water, the people of Saurashtra and South Gujarat are using this waterway on a large scale. During the festival of Janmashtami, a large number of diamond business people have come to Saurashtra for a mini vacation to their hometown and are using the Ro-Ro ferry service for the same. Similarly, during Navratri festival and Diwali vacations, people of Saurashtra are making good use of ferry service to come from Surat to their hometown and as soon as the vacation is over, they use the Ghogha to Hazira roro ferry when they have to go to Surat for their business.
In this regard, Captain DK Manral, CEO of Indigo Seaways, said that two Ro-Pax ferry ships are operated daily between Ghogha and Hazira. The distance between Surat and Saurashtra is only four hours by water, motorists load their vehicles on the Ro-Ro ferry service and travel comfortably. In this way they can easily come from Saurashtra to Surat in Ro-Ro ferry service with their vehicle. Also, Ro-Ro ferry ships are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including cafeteria, gaming zone. Considering that Gujarati people and Garba are synonymous with each other, the Ro-Ro ferry ship has a beautiful arrangement to play Garba on deck with music and it is being well utilized by the passengers.
Especially during festivals, people from Saurashtra and South Gujarat are using the Ro-Ro ferry service to travel to their hometown with their vehicles. Besides, commercial vehicles and passengers also use this Ro-Ro ferry service on a daily basis. Due to which Surat and Bhavnagar have become like twin cities in real sense.

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