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‘Ship-breaking has promising future in Bangladesh, needs government support’

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Keiji Tomoda, vice president of the Japanese Shipowners Association, has said government support can accelerate the development of Bangladesh’s ship-breaking industry, which holds a promising future.

During a visit to the KR Ship Recycling Yard in Sitakunda, Chattogram on Monday as the leader of a Japanese delegation, Tomoda highlighted the rapid progress of the industry in Bangladesh.

He mentioned that several ship-breaking yards have upgraded their technologies and are striving to meet the standards set by the Hong Kong Convention. Furthermore, three yards have already obtained Class-NK certification, but there is still progress to be made in transforming all yards into green yards.

Tomoda emphasised the importance of government assistance in developing infrastructure and improving working conditions for shipyard owners.

He stated that by 2050, approximately 3,000 Japanese vessels will be ready for scrapping.

According to the Hong Kong Convention, Japanese ship owners will only be able to sell their ships to yards with ClassNK certification, he added. Founded in 1899, ClassNK is a ship classification society dedicated to safer and cleaner seas.

Tomoda expressed Japan’s willingness to support the Bangladeshi ship recycling industry by offering subsidised prices for dismantling Japanese vessels and emphasised the friendly relationship between the two countries.

Takeshi Naruse, manager of the Transportation and Logistics Department of ClassNK, confirmed to TBS that three shipyards have already been certified by ClassNK, and the KR Ship Recycling Yard is currently undergoing the certification process.

“The documents of the KR Ship Recycling Yard have been under review, once the review is done the audit will start and then the certificate will be awarded”, Naruse added.

Taslim Uddin, owner of KR Ship Recycling Yard, expressed confidence that their yard would soon receive ClassNK certification.

He mentioned that they have spent the past two years upgrading their yard to meet both local and international regulations.

The 14-member Japanese delegation came to the port city on a four-day visit on Friday, during which they visited six ship-breaking yards in Sitakund, including three green yards – PHP Ship Recycling, Kabir Ship Recycling Facilities, and SN Corporation.

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