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Ship recycling : declining number of ships, growing concern

Ship recycling : declining number of ships, growing concern
  • Production of new ships slows down, tthe owners repair the old ship and go down the roadway

  • When will the ships be undone in Alang? No one can tell by eating a hollow

The ship recycling industry of Bhavnagar district’s main Alang (India) has been going through a difficult time for a long time. And no one can say when the number of ships in Alang will be undone. During the first six months of 2023, 65 ships have arrived on the final voyage to Alang, which is not compared to the average of 25 ships per month in the previous years.

At present, ship work is going on in 30 plots out of 153 plots in Alang. Compared to the previous two months, the price of ships in the international market has also fallen by as much as $ 40.

According to Rameshbhai Mendapara, vice-president of the Ship Recycling Industries Association (India), the ship’s freight rate is high in the world, its owners keep the ships running by doing normal repairs, as a result of which the quantity of ships for recycling is reduced.

On the other hand, production is slow as ships are being built according to the new guidelines after Corona all over the world, as a result of which the number of ships to be broken in places including Alang has come down.

According to the international maritime organization’s (IMO) new carbon regulations, the funnels of old ships are being replaced, so they are recovering the expenses incurred by the gardeners by driving them in the ferry. Since April 2023, the number of ships that have been beached has not reached even double digits, as Alang has been sitting at its peak.

In this way, ships are coming to break in the Alang ship breaking yard, the number of which has increased the difficulty of this industry.

Alang’s month-wise situation in the year 2023

Month     ship      weight LDT

January    16         1,16,139.53

February  14         1,09,929.87

March       10           61,062.18

April                     65,903.92

May           8            54,857.70

June         9            75,845.95


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