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Ship that caused oil spill to be sold in auction


In May 26, 2023, an unfortunate incident occurred involving the ship named ‘Excalibur’, which was not in active use. Oil leaked from the right side of the ship’s hull into the waters of the Sukhyi Estuary located in Chornomorsk. The aftermath of this spill prompted a thorough cleanup operation. After assessing the environmental harm caused, the local Odessa area regulatory body decided to take action and confiscated the vessel.

Recently, on August 9, Dmytro Mykolayovych Kolechko, a private executor working in the Odessa region, initiated the process to sell the seized property under the name ‘Excalibur’ through an electronic auction on the Ukrainian Open Market. The initial bidding price for this property is set at 9,475,700 Ukrainian Hryvnias. The auction is scheduled to take place on August 28. It’s important to note that the ship has been stationed at the Chornomorsk ship repair plant since 2015.

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As for the current condition of the ship, it’s apparent that it has faced significant deterioration. The bridge of the ship is without necessary equipment, observation windows lack panes, and the interior is cluttered with objects and disassembled furniture. The ship’s structure bears noticeable signs of rust damage, including the formation of holes measuring over 0.15 square centimeters. Rust-related damage is also visible on the ship’s hull, with sections flaking away, some as large as 0.5 square centimeters. Paint flaking is widespread as well. Extensive rust damage, weld cracks, and partial detachment of certain structural components have caused significant paint and metal flaking on deck and cabin areas. The hull also bears fouling, affecting the hull, propeller, and anchor chain. The bulkhead, both at the bow and stern and along the perimeter, is in need of repairs. Cargo tank edges and hold covers require attention, with some being difficult to open. The cargo boom is in need of major repair work. The ship’s cables show signs of wear and breaks in strands. Equipment on board displays signs of extended use, with key parts showing oil seepage and rust. Mechanical damages, dents, chips, weld cracks, tears, and corrosion are also visible. Cargo holds are dirty, and rust has caused through holes in the steps connecting different decks and technical areas.

The oil spill incident caused by the ‘Excalibur’ was a significant environmental concern. After the spill, experts from the State Inspectorate of the South-Western District investigated the situation and collected samples for laboratory analysis. Their findings revealed a 70-fold increase in oil product concentration in the water. The contaminated area covered 172,500 square meters. The State Environmental Inspection is currently in the process of assessing the extent of the environmental damage caused by this unfortunate event.


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