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Significant progress at Bangladesh’s shipyards

Significant progress at Bangladesh's shipyards

The Bangladesh’s shipyards have been making impressive strides in terms of safety and environmental practices within the ship recycling industry. This progress is significant and contributes significantly to both ship construction and environmental protection, as highlighted by Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun.

The previously struggling government-owned dockyards and shipyards have shown substantial improvement since being taken over by the Navy. Minister Humayun shared this information during his speech at the “Marinetech Bangladesh Expo and Conference on Marine Trade,” which was held at the International Convention City Bashundhara in the capital.

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Minister Humayun emphasized the government’s goal of shifting the nation’s status from merely buying ships to becoming a nation that actively engages in shipbuilding. To further this objective, the prime minister has announced plans to enhance the shipbuilding and ship repair industry in the Payra port region.

Should the proposed project move forward, the industries ministry or relevant agencies will work to secure land adjacent to Payra port on behalf of the Bangladeshi government.

The event, organized by ExpoNet in collaboration with the Department of Shipping, has seen participation from 75 institutions representing six countries. The three-day exhibition, which began on July 27 and concludes on July 29, is open to the public from 10 am to 8 pm each day.

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Exhibitors at the event encompass a range of stakeholders including dockyards, shipyards, shipwrights, ship agents, ship recyclers, designers, port operators, clearing and forwarding agents, maritime academies, recruitment agencies, launch and coastal ship services, as well as import and export companies specializing in navigation and marine equipment. Additionally, authorities from Chattogram and Payra ports are present, along with notable companies such as Saif Powertech Group, Khulna Shipyard Ltd, Dockyard and Engineering Works Ltd, and Chattogram Dry Dock Ltd.

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