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Stolt Tankers and partners donate $100,000 to One Tree Planted

Stolt Tankers and partners donate $100,000 to One Tree Planted

For the second consecutive year, Stolt Tankers and its partners NYK Line, Tufton, and Farvatn Capital have donated a total of $100,000 to environmental projects.  Coastruction and One Tree Planted are working towards the regeneration of coral reefs and global reforestation, respectively.

“We are delighted once again to be working with our partners to contribute to these organisations, which are playing a vital role in supporting the ecological health and biodiversity of our planet,” said Stolt Tankers’ President Lucas Vos.

“Our participation in these projects demonstrates our commitment to sustainable initiatives and reflects our considerable ambitions in this area. Stolt Tankers has set out a vision for reducing its carbon intensity by 50% (compared to 2008 levels) by 2030. And by 2050, we aim to be carbon neutral.”

Coastruction designs, produces and installs 3D printed artificial ocean reefs to support the regeneration of damaged reef systems and protect vulnerable coastlines. Its goal is to create a new generation of artificial reefs that can blend in with nature. The $50,000 donation will fund a pilot project that Coastruction is undertaking with the University of Miami, in the US to construct a new one-cubic-metre Asterix printer that will enable the printing of large-scale artificial reefs.

One Tree Planted aims to make it simple for anyone to help restore forests and biodiversity by planting trees at a cost of just one dollar per tree. Since 2014, One Tree Planted has planted nearly 100 million trees around the world in more than 80 countries. Stolt Tankers’ donations have contributed to a number of projects including planting micro-forests in India, mangroves on the coast of Guatemala, and restoring watersheds in the Pacific Northwest.

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