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Stolt Tankers’ barge operation reduces emissions in Houston

Stolt Tankers' barge operation reduces emissions in Houston

Stolt Tankers, a leading maritime transport company, is revolutionizing its operations in the Port of Houston with the introduction of a barge system. This innovative approach not only shortens the duration of port calls for Stolt Tankers’ ships but also contributes to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Traditionally, ships have had to wait for the terminal to be ready before unloading cargo. However, Stolt Tankers has implemented a more efficient strategy by utilizing barges to offload cargo while the ships are idle. These barges then transport the cargo to the terminal as soon as it becomes available. As a result, Stolt Tankers has successfully reduced the average time its ships spend in port by three days, leading to a remarkable decrease in fuel consumption, averaging at 1.7%.

Bharat Nayar, Stolt Tankers’ Business Partner for Sustainability and Decarbonization, highlighted the positive environmental impact of this operation. He stated, “In total, in 2022, this operation has led to a reduction of 6,585 tonnes of CO2 emissions from our ships. However, it is worth noting that during the same period, the barges emitted 2,508 tonnes of CO2. Consequently, the net reduction achieved amounts to an impressive 4,077 tonnes.”

This success showcases the immense potential of barge operations in supporting Stolt Tankers’ sustainability goals. It presents a scalable solution that can be expanded in various ways. For instance, Stolt Tankers can consider increasing its fleet of barges in Houston or replicating this operation in other ports. By doing so, the company can further bolster its commitment to sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint.

The advantages of this barge system extend beyond environmental benefits. By enabling ships to swiftly navigate out of the harbor and return to the sea, Stolt Tankers can enhance the efficiency of its services, offering even more streamlined experiences to its customers. This improved operational efficiency reinforces Stolt Tankers’ position as a reliable and customer-centric maritime transport provider.

In conclusion, Stolt Tankers’ implementation of a barge operation in the Port of Houston has not only reduced port stays for its ships but also resulted in a notable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This innovative approach has demonstrated its potential to support Stolt Tankers in achieving its sustainability ambitions. With the possibility of expanding this solution to other ports and increasing the barge fleet, Stolt Tankers is poised to make further strides in its sustainability journey while providing enhanced services to its valued customers.

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