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Strong winds affected The Queen Mary 2 ship

Strong winds affected The Queen Mary 2 ship

The Queen Mary 2 ship of Cunard Line got loose from where it was tied up in Civitavecchia, Italy, last Friday because of really strong winds. The people in charge of the cruise had done things to get ready for bad weather, but a sudden strong gust of wind still made the ship come loose. Luckily, nobody got hurt, but it did make the ship’s departure a little late.

AccuWeather said that there were rain showers and thunderstorms in that area on Friday. Some places that measure the weather said the wind gusts got as fast as 24 to 28 miles per hour. The ship was on a 28-day trip in the Mediterranean Sea. It started from New York on July 21 and was supposed to come back on August 18.

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This happened not long after another ship, Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Prima, also came loose from its ropes because of really strong winds in Belgium. Even though it doesn’t happen a lot, these things can still occur when the weather is very bad. A person who knows a lot about the cruise industry, Stewart Chiron, said it’s the cruise companies’ job to watch the weather and do what they can to keep everyone safe.

It’s important to know that cruise lines can’t make the weather do what they want, and sometimes unexpected things happen even when they’re careful. This happening reminds us that weather can be really hard to predict, and cruise companies always need to keep checking the conditions and making sure everything is safe.

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In the end, the Queen Mary 2 ship getting loose in Italy because of strong winds made its departure late for a little while. Thankfully, nobody got hurt, and the cruise company is still making sure to keep everyone safe by watching the weather at every place the ship stops.

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