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The largest ship to grace Baltimore’s port

The largest ship to grace Baltimore's port
The largest ship to grace Baltimore's port

The Port of Baltimore, known as the Helen Delich Bentley Port, had a special guest today – the biggest container ship ever to grace Maryland’s shores, named the Evergreen Ever Max. This massive ship arrived at the Seagirt Marine Terminal, marking a significant event. Imagine a colossal vessel weighing a staggering 165,350 tons; that’s the weight of this ship. And if that’s not impressive enough, it can hold a whopping 15,432 containers that are the size of twenty-foot boxes.

Now, you might wonder how on earth the Port of Baltimore can handle such enormous ships. Well, it’s all thanks to the port’s remarkable infrastructure. The port boasts a channel that’s an impressive 50 feet deep, allowing these gigantic ships to dock comfortably. And that’s not all – there’s a collection of super-large cranes, called Neo-Panamax cranes, which are like the heavy lifting champions needed to assist ships of this magnitude.

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Maryland Transportation Secretary, Paul J. Wiedefeld, had some insights to share. He pointed out that it’s no secret why these massive ships choose the Port of Baltimore. They recognize the port as a valuable asset and an excellent partner in efficiently moving goods not just within the state but also throughout the entire region.

Let’s talk about the Ever Max itself. Picture a ship that’s longer than four football fields lined up in a row – that’s how long the Ever Max is, stretching around 1,200 feet. To put things into perspective, the largest container ship that had visited the Port of Baltimore before this was another vessel from Evergreen called the Triton. Back in 2019, the Triton made an appearance, and it had the capacity to carry 14,424 containers, which was already quite impressive.

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Brian Miller, the Interim Acting Executive Director of the Maryland Port Administration – Port of Baltimore, gave credit where it’s due. He acknowledged that a collaborative effort from every part of the supply chain made it possible for ships like the Evergreen Ever Max to choose the Port of Baltimore as their destination. He highlighted the fantastic work of the International Longshoremen’s Association, truckers, pilots, tugs, freight forwarders, terminal operators, and private marine terminals. This joint effort is what makes the Port of Baltimore a success story, with everyone working together towards a common goal.

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