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Two cargo ship collied : several missing

Two cargo ship collied : several missing

Multiple individuals are currently unaccounted for following a collision between two cargo ships in the North Sea. According to German authorities, one of these vessels is believed to have sunk. The incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, approximately 22 kilometers (13 miles) southwest of Helgoland Island, as reported by the German Central Command for Maritime Emergencies.

Search and rescue operations are currently underway in the area, with several ships combing the waters for survivors. Fortunately, one person has been successfully rescued from the water and is currently receiving medical attention.

The ship suspected to have sunk has been identified as the Verity, registered under the British flag and en route from Bremen to the British town of Immingham. The other vessel involved is the Polesie, flying the flag of the Bahamas and traveling from Hamburg to La Coruna in Spain. Notably, the Verity was the smaller of the two ships, measuring 91 meters (almost 300 feet) in length, while the Polesie is considerably larger at 190 meters.

As of the latest updates, the Polesie remains afloat with 22 individuals on board, according to the agency overseeing the incident. Search efforts have been bolstered by the deployment of two rescue cruisers, an emergency tug, a pilot boat, a police patrol boat, and a helicopter. Furthermore, a cruise ship that happened to be in the vicinity has also joined the collaborative search and rescue operation. The situation is still developing, with authorities working tirelessly to locate any missing crew members and ensure their safety.

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